20 Most Important Essays For HSLC Exam 2023

Most Important Essays For HSLC Exam 2023: Essay writing is one of the most important and easy-to-score topics in your class 10th English syllabus writing skills with Grammar. You will be given two or three topics on which you have to write an essay on any one of the given topics. Essay writing contain usually 6 - 10 marks in class 10th English syllabus.

Here we have shared some of the most important essay-writing topics you must be prepared for. These essay writing topics are more frequently asked topics on center and many state board HSLC exams.


20 Most Important Essays For HSLC Exam 2023

Essay Writing Format, Examples, Topics, Samples, Exercises for Class 10

Essay writing examples for class 10: Here are some important essay writing topic-wise question and answer examples that were previously asked in the many state Board HSLC exams.

Question 1: Write an essay on Your Aim in Life in about 250 words.


My Aim in Life

Every man should have an aim in life. A life without an aim is meaningless. It is like a ship without sails or oars. To do a certain thing, plans and programs are a pre-condition.

My aim: Now I am a student. I have already chosen my aim in life. My aim is to be a doctor.

Reason: I was born in a very backward village. There is no hospital, no high school, and no post office. The hospital is at a distance of ten kilometers. Road communication is very bad. Doctors do not come to the village if anybody falls ill. People die of disease and dirt. Most of the people of the village can not afford to pay the doctors. Many of them die without treatment. I, therefore, want to be of the poor and downtrodden. I shall start a clinic in my village. I shall advise the people how to keep good health. I will render all sorts of services to the sick and disabled.

Conclusion: I shall try my best to realize my aim. May God help me so that I may serve the people of my locality.


Question 2: Write an essay on Your Daily Life in about 250 words.


My Daily Life

My daily life starts quite early. I get up from bed at 5 o’clock in the morning. I brush my teeth and go out for a walk. After half an hour I came back with my body and mind refreshed. My mother makes my tea ready. Having taken a cup of tea with biscuits I sit to study. Usually, I read for two hours.

After the study, I make my bath. My mother gets my meal ready. I take meals and get ready for school. I always reach school on time.

There is a break for half an hour at 12 o’clock during the break I visit the school library and read newspapers.

After school hours I come home direct. At home, I take my tiffin and rest for some time. Then I go out to the Playground to play cricket with my friends.

I come back home just after sunset. I wash my body and set for study again. We take dinner at 10 o’clock. After half an hour I go to bed.

On Sunday I do a lot of household work in the morning. After lunch, I enjoy some television programs. On some Sundays, I visit the house of my friends and relatives.


Question 3: Write an essay on the Life of a Great Man (Mahatma Gandhi) in about 250 words in English.


Life of a Great Man (Mahatma Gandhi)

All of the great men I do admire Mahatma Gandhi the most. In Mahatma Gandhi, I find many rare qualities for which every Indian owes him a lot. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was born in October 2, 1869 in Poarbandar. His father’s name was Karamchand Gandhi took his early education in a village school in Rajkot.

After passing the matriculation examination he went to London in 1887 for higher education. In 1893 he returned to India as a Barrister and joined the bar. After a short while, he went to South Africa on the legal advice of an Indian company.

He saw there that the Indian community suffered much from the white color public. He protested against it and succeeded. The government was forced to amend some anti-Indian laws.

In 1914 Mahatma Gandhi returned to India. He joined the Indian National Congress and resolved to fight against British rule. Through the Indian National Congress, he fought for the Independence of India. He asked the British to quit India.

Many times the British government imprisoned him. He was a fit leader as a result India became free in 1947.

Mahatma Gandhi led a very simple life. He was a lover of peace and truth. Gandhi is dead and gone but he lives forever in the hearts of millions of Indians.


Question 4: Write an essay on Friendship in about 250 words.



Human is a social being they can not live alone. In the battle of life, we need the help of others.

Friendship means a close relationship with other people in our circular society. Friendship is formed through sincere and mutual understanding, the love of one man towards another.

A true friend is a blessing. But nowadays it is difficult to find a true friend. True friends are those who stand by their friends in weal and woe. One can rely on a true friend.

The love of a true friend is always selfless. It is said that “a friend in need is a friend indeed”. A true friend is an asset.

False friends are compared to winds. They come in times of prosperity and leave in times of adversity. A false friend is not a friend. It is dangerous to believe a false friend. Such a friend should be trusted. He may lead you on the wrong path.

I have a faithful friend. He helps me one night when my mother fell ill. The night was dark my friend rushed to the hospital and brought the doctor. My mother was saved. She would have died if the doctor did not arrive in time.

We should be very careful in choosing a true friend. Remember a true friend is your biggest asset in life.


Question 5: Write an essay on your Favorite Hobby in about 250 words in English.


My Favorite Hobby

Hobby means favorite work done at leisure. I have a favorite hobby it is gardening.

I am a lover of trees and flowers so I make a garden of my own. Every morning and evening I work for certain fixed hours in the little garden. The soil is made level then I plant different flowers plants in the garden.

Every morning I see a good number of flowers. Their colors fill me with joy. I think as if I would remain with them I collect flower plants from the government nursery. My father helped me by supplying some foreign flowers.

I am happy to see different butterflies playing merrily with the flowers. I plant some vegetables every morning I pluck some of the fresh vegetables.

I have chosen this hobby for many reasons. First, it is a source of pleasure, secondly, it is a good exercise to work in the garden which helps me in maintaining sound health. So my garden is a blessing to my body and mind.


Question 6: Write an essay on Television in about 250 words.



Television is one of the wonders of modern life it brings very distant objects near. We hear the news, live sports, songs, and Dramas, and at the same time see the people participating in these programs.

Television was first invented by John Logie Baird in England in the year in 1926.

In big cities, television centers are there. There are big transmitters in these centers.  Photos of any event or program are first taken. The transmitters can transform sound and photos into waves. These sounds and photos move in the ether. The receiving sets placed at distant places can receive these waves. The sound and photos are reproduced on the screen of the receiving set. We see these photos and hear these sounds on the television set.

Television has assumed the robs of both radio and cinema. It is a good medium of education and recreation. Some programs for children are educational cultural, informative, and scientific films.

Television helps us to know many things of great importance. We can see great cities, height mountains, political leaders, and storms on the screen of television.

Though television sets are costly yet. It is a blessing for mankind.


Question 7: Write an essay on Newspaper in about 250 words.



The newspaper is of great importance to modern life. Newspaper gives us news for and near and information on political, social, and economic matters.

The newspaper was first introduced by 17th-century European publisher Johann Carolus. It was followed by other advanced countries.

In India too there was no newspaper before the British came. Now there are hundreds of newspapers in different languages regional and foreign.

The main function of a newspaper is to collect and cater to the news. We are able to know the happenings of the countries of the world through newspapers. The newspaper is the chief agency for expressing public opinion.

A newspaper publishes news on trade and commerce, industry, sports, and other allied subjects. It is a part of education. We may know about the recent and latest inventions of the world.

Newspapers are not only the bliss of humankind but are also a curse. They often encourage agitation and communal riots. They sometimes manipulate the news in favor of a party they support. This is dishonest journalism.

The editors of newspapers have a great responsibility. They must be conscious and sincere.


Question 8: Write an essay on Flood in Assam in about 250 words in English.


Flood in Assam

The Brahmaputra is the biggest river in Assam. Floods in Assam every year are caused mainly by the Brahmaputra river. That is why it is now called “the sorrow of Assam”. During the flood, there is water and water everywhere in the villages and towns shelters on high rods or on big buildings, schools, and colleges.

The misery of the people knows no bounds. The people of Assam lose their food and shelter. Some people lose their life. Many cattle and children have been swept away. Cornfields are merged underwater. Means of communication are totally cut-off. Flood does not come alone, it carries different kinds of diseases.  Hundreds fall victim to epidemics after the flood.

Not only in Assam but in different parts of India floods are very common. Flood is a national waste of life and property.

Relief measures are generally taken by the government in times of flood. Food and clothes are distributed for free. Besides the government, social and cultural organizations also come forward to help the flood-affected people. But relief measures can not solve the flood problem. It is impossible to control floods altogether. But it can be lessened and made to our use by scientific methods.


Question 9: Write an essay on Prize Day At Your School in about 250 words.


Prize Day At Our School

The prize-giving ceremony of our school was held on Tuesday 29 December 2020. Mr. Anil Das the cultural secretary of our school took care that the function was a success. Many attractive items were selected for the function. Bihugan, Modern song, Bihu dance, etc. The school inspector was invited as the chief guest. The venue of the meeting was the school auditorium.

On the appointed day we come to school at 9 o’clock in the morning. We decorated the stage nicely. We stood in rows at the gate with our teachers to receive the inspector. Our headmaster himself presided over the meeting. The annual report was read out by the cultural secretary. The inspector delivered a good speech and described the value of games and sports as well as education.

The president handed over the prizes to them. At last, the president delivered a good lecture and ended the meeting.


Question 10: Write an essay on your Favourite Game Football in about 250 words.


My Favourite Game
My favorite game is football. Football is one of the most played outdoor games. The game was first played in Britain in the 19th century.

The game is played with a round leather ball. The field where it is played is 120 yards long and 80 yards wide. On each side of the field, there are two posts. There is a bar on the posts. It is played between two teams with eleven players on each side. There is one goalkeeper, two backs, three half-backs, and five forwards on each. Both teams try to kick the ball through the goal of the opposite side. The team which scores a greater number of goals in its favor wins the game.

The game is conducted by a referee. He is helped by a two-line referee.

The football game is played for ninety minutes. There is an interval of five to ten minutes. Sometimes it is played for seventy-five minutes. There are some established rules for football games.

I like football game mostly because it makes the players strong, active, prompted, and obedient.


Question 11: Write an essay on Bihu Festival in about 500 words in English.


Bihu Festival

Introduction: The Bihu is the national festival of Assam state of India. The Assamese people observe three Bihus in a single year. The Bahag Bihu, the Magh Bihu, and the Kati Bihu are the three Bihus.

Bahag Bihu: The Bahag Bihu comes on the last day of the month of Chaitra (Assamese month) and is observed for the following seven days. The Spring season occurs during this period. Nature wears a lovely dress of green leaves and flowers of various colors.  The foodstuffs in houses do not run short. It presents a pleasant moment. So everybody enjoys this period of the year in Assam.

The young boys and girls during this Bihu used to sing Bihu songs to express cheerfulness. The women and girls offer ‘Gamochas’ to the elders as well as to the younger ones to show their respect and love. They weave these Gamochas themselves in the month of Chitra.

The cows are taken for a bath at the nearest river, pool, or lake on the first day of this Bihu. In the evening cows are presented with new tethers for Bihu. The next day is the Bihu for men on which Gamochas are presented. This Bihu is also called Rangali Bihu as it is observed cheerfully and pleasurably.

Magh Bihu: The Magh Bihu is observed on the last day of the month of Puha (Assamese month). Everywhere in Assam state, especially in the villages, the young boys build Mezi Ghars (houses) before the Bihu. The previous day of the Magh Bihu is called Uruka. The young boys arrange feasts in the Mezi Gharas that night and spend the night there.

Early in the morning they take bath and put fire to the Mazi Gharas. After burning the Mazi Gharas, people return home and take pitha, doi, cira and different items of food as arranged. The Magh Bihu comes immediately after the harvesting. So there are at least some amount of foodstuffs in every house to prepare various food.  This Bihu is also called Bhogali Bihu.

Kati Bihu: The Kati Bihu falls on the last day of the month of Ahina (Assamese month). People face a lot of troubles in living during this part of the year. So there is no cheerfulness during this Bihu. In the paddy field, earthen open lamps are lighted so as to welcome the goddess Lakshmi. Black basil plants are planted on the day of this Bihu. There is no abundance of food and cheerfulness in this Bihu. So, this Bihu is also called Kangali Bihu.

Conclusion: Bihu is the culture of the Assamese people. We should always try to keep the beautiful culture alive.


Question 12: Write an essay on Physical Exercise in about 250 words.


Physical Exercise

Physical exercise means the movement of various limbs of the body. There are different kinds of physical exercise. Physical exercise helps us to prevent different diseases of the body. To take physical exercise regularly is one of the best means of preserving health.

Riding, swimming, walking, football, cricket, hockey, gymnastics, and dancing are some of the common physical exercises. This exercise should be taken regularly in the open air. Over-exercise is sometimes harmful to health.

There is a close relationship between the body and the mind. Physical exercise makes the main sound. A man with an unsound mind can not enjoy life.

There are certain rules for physical exercise. These rules should be strictly followed. Many students read much but refuse to take any physical exercise. As a result limbs of their bodies become weak.

Nowadays physical exercise has been made a subject of the school curriculum. We think physical exercise should be made compulsory in our school.


Question 13: Write an essay on Srimanta Sankardev in about 250 words in English.


Srimanta Sankardev

Srimanta Sankardev was born in the year 1449 in the village Alipukhuri in the district of Nagaon. His father was Kusumbar Bhuyan and Satyasandhya was his mother. His mother died soon after his birth. So, his grandmother Khersuti brought him up.

In his childhood, Srimanta Sankardev was a dull boy. He could not apprehend anything. His grandmother took him to school at the age of 12 years. He was admitted to the school of Pandit Mahendra Kandali. After admitting to the school he began to study with great attention and learned many Sastras and Vyakaranas within a short period.

Srimanta Sankardev was a descendant of the noble Bara Bhuyan dynasty of Assam. After the death of his father, he was made Bhuyan to look after his landed properties. But he did not like to remain as Bhuyan. He handed over his properties to the care of his uncle and went on a pilgrimage.

Sankardev was a devotee and preacher of Vaishnavism in Assam. He traveled from East to West of Assam with his disciples for spreading Vaishnavism and set up Satras and Namgharas in different places of Assam. 

He composed songs, drams, and holy books based on the greatness of Lord Srikrishna. Kirtana, Dasama, and the Uttara Kanda of the Ramayana are the holy books of Sankardev. Besides these books, he wrote six Ankiya Natas. Srimanta Sankardev was the father of Assamese prose and dramas.

Sankardev is regarded as the founder of the Assamese nation. His contribution to the Assamese nation, literature, culture, and religion can not be measured. He lived for 119 years and died in Koch Bihar during the reign of Naranarayan, the famous Koch king of Assam.


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