Who was the first Kachari king at Khaspur Cachar?

Question: Who was the first Kachari king at Khaspur Cachar?

A. Govindachandra Narayan
B. Harischandra-2
C. Indrapratap Narayan
D. Lakshmichandra Narayan

Answer: ✅ B. Harischandra-2

Harischandra-2 (Hasnusa Sengphong) was the first Kachari king at Khaspur (Cachar). He became king in 1771 AD and was succeeded by his brother Lakshmichandra Narayan and Krishnachandra Narayan. Govindachandra Narayan was the last ruler of the Kachari Kingdom.

Kachari Kingdom Related Important Facts:

Here we have put some important facts related to the Kachari Kingdom (also known as the Dimasa Kingdom) that ruled in the medieval and early modern eras in the state of Assam (Northeast India).


  • Kachari Kingdom also known as Dimasa kingdom. Their official language was Dimasa. The word Dimasa means son of the big river.
  • Kacharies claim their descendent from Ghotokoch, son of Bhima through Kachari princes Hidimba.
  • Kachari Kingdom shifted their capital in three different locations (Dimapur, Maibang & Khaspur) during the reign. Dimapur was the first and Khaspur last capital of Kachari kingdom.
  • The Ahom kingdom conquered the Kachari kingdom in 1526 AD by Suhungmung (Dihingia Raja) and made feudatory to Ahom dynasty. 
  • Koch Dynasty conquered the Kachari kingdom in 1562 by the king Naranarayan.
  • Govindachandra Narayan was the last Kachari king to rule the dynasty.
  • In 14 August, 1832 British annexed the Kachari kingdom under the "Doctrine of Lapse" rule.

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