When was Assam separated from the Bengal Presidency?

Question: When was Assam separated from the Bengal Presidency?

A. 1874
B. 1884
C. 1901
D. 1905

Answer: A. 1874

Descriptive Answer
On 2nd February 1874, Assam was separated from the Bengal presidency and its status was upgraded to a Chief Commissioner's Province by merging Goalpara, Cachar, Sylhet, Garo, Khasi, and Jaintia Hills, Lushai, and Naga Hills.


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Question 1: In which year the Legislative Council of Assam was created?

A. 1912
B. 1913
C. 1923
D. 1909

Answer: B. 1913

Question 2: Who was the first Chief Commissioner of Assam?

A. David Scott
B. Sir Henry Joseph Tuynam
C. Charles Alexander Bruce
D. Sir Archdale Easle

Answer: D. Sir Archdale Easle

Question 3: How many districts in Assam before the independence in 1947?

A. 10 
B. 12
C. 13
D. 14

Answer: C. 13

Question 4: When was the Assam Legislative Assembly formed?

A. 1935
B. 1937
C. 1947
D. 1940

Answer: B. 1937

Question 5: Which was the former capital of post-independence Assam?

A. Jorhat
B. Shillong
C. Sivasagar
D. Dibrugarh

Answer: B. Shillong

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