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Ahom Dynasty Important MCQ: The Ahom kingdom was established in 1228 AD when the first Ahom king Sukaphaa came from Mong Mao and entered the Brahmaputra valley crossing the rugged Patkai mountain range. The dynasty maintained its sovereignty for nearly 600 years having successfully resisted Mughal expansion in Northeast India. 

Ahom Dynasty Important MCQ PDF Download
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Here we have put some of the most important MCQs related to the Indus Valley Civilization (IVC) that are helpful for all competitive exams - UPSC, SSC, State PCS, Bank, CDS, NDA, Railway, Delhi Police, etc.  You can download a PDF file of all MCQ questions with answers, links are provided below.

Ahom Dynasty Important MCQ


Q1. Who was the founder of the Ahom Kingdom?

✅ Sukaphaa

Q2. The Ahoms originally came from

✅ Mong Mao

Q3. What was the title used to address the Ahom Kings?

✅ Swargadeo

Q4. In which year Did 'Sukaphaa' build the first Ahom capital at Charaideo?

✅ 1253 AD

Q5. Who was the king of the Morans when 'Sukaphaa' came to Assam?

✅ Badausa

Q6. In which year did Sukaphaa die?

✅ 1268 AD

Q7. Who established the position of Charing Raja?

✅ Sukhangphaa

Q8. What were the burial mounds of Ahom royalty called?

✅ Moi-Dam

Q9. Which Ahom king was popularly known as "Bamuni Konwar"?

✅ Sudangphaa

Q10. The traditional Tai-Ahom coronation ceremony of the king was known as

✅ Singarigharutha

Q11. When did the first Ahom-Kachari battle take place?

✅ 1490 AD

[Ahom-Kachari battle takes place during the reign of the Ahom King Suhenphaa]

Q12. Which Ahom king was refered to as Dihingia Raja?

✅ Suhungmung

Q13. Who was the first Borpatragohain of the Ahom dynasty?

✅ Kancheng Borpatragohain

Q14. Mula Gabharu died in the year

✅ 1532 AD

[Mula Gabharu the brave wife of Phrasengmung Borgohain, the Frontier officer (Sadiya Khowa Gohain)]

Q15. When did the Mughal attack the Ahom kingdom for the first time?

✅ 1615

Q16. The "Treaty of Ghiladharighat" was signed in the year-

✅ 1663 AD

Q17. The "Battle of Saraighat" was fought in the year -

✅ 1671 AD

Q18.  What was the Ahom name of Gadadhar Singha?

✅ Supatphaa

Q19. What is the name of the final battle between Ahoms and Mughals?

✅ Battle of Itakhuli [1682 AD]

Q20. Which Ahom king built the stone bridge over the river Namdang?

✅ Rudra Sigha 

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