25 Best Assamese Short Films You Should Watch on YouTube


25 Best Assamese Short Films You Should Watch on YouTube: Nowadays there are lots of Assamese short films available on YouTube that you can easily enjoy on your vacant.

Here's a quick overview of the best Assamese short films list, all of the below-listed short films are available to watch online on YouTube.

Best Assamese Short Films 
RankShort Film Title YouTube Channel
1.Tumar Babe (তোমাৰ বাবে) Pinkal Pratyush
2.WindchimeDeeplina Deka
3.Niveer Aru Tara (নিবিৰ আৰু তাৰা )Buddies
4.Bidurbhai (Web Series)Rootstock Entertainments
5.MukhaKC Digital Films
6. Tumi Je AbhimaniPinkal Pratyush
7.ArrangedKC Digital Films
8.Cameraman (কেমেৰামেন)Buddies
9.SorryLight Bucket Stories
10.Ei XomoyJunglee Film Club
11.Daai (Uncle)Pocket Films - Indian Short Films
12.DaliSazzad Hussain Films
13.Bismoi Pocket Films - Indian Short Films
14.Premor Pakghor (প্ৰেমৰ পাকঘৰ)Zeroth Drama
15.Tai (তাইAC Multimedia
16.A New Dawn (Eti Notun Prabhat)Pocket Films - Indian Short Films
17.Burbok Suwali Biplab Bin Das
18.Prothom Sawoni (প্রথম চাৱনী)Buddies
19.I Love You Zubeen DaBimal Bora Creation
20.Durot Thakiu Kaxote (দুৰত থাকিও কাষতে) Buddies
21.Hridoye Bisare (হৃদয়ে বিচাৰে)Buddies
22. AWMIKC Digital Films
23.Paiyu Heruwalu (পাইও হেৰুৱালো)Buddies
24.MAA - I Love You Zubeen Da (Part - II)Bimal Bora Creation
25.Nimila Onko (Love endures)Short Films

Assamese short films and Assamese web series are now getting more popular on YouTube nowadays. The internet penetration helps a lot of talented YouTube creators to show their works in this field.

Nowadays there are so many YouTube channels available that create mesmerizing story content in Assamese short films and web series. The creators like Pinkal Pratyush, Bimal Bora, Buddies, Zeroth Drama, KC Digital Creation, and many more to add.

So, today's blog post is dedicated to the Assamese short films available on YouTube. Assamese short films mainly get their views from the state of Assam. 

Here in this blog post, we're going to share some best Assamese short films list with you, hope you like them!

Best Assamese Short Films You Should Watch on YouTube

Assamese short films are mainly popular in the state of Assam, where it's an official language. Nowadays there are many YouTube channels growing up in the category of short films. Also, many talented filmmakers are now showing interest in making Assamese language short films.

So, here we're going to represent you with a list of some of the best Assamese short films available on YouTube, we hope you like the list. 

If you have suggestions about the list, please! let us know in the comment section below.

Tumar Babe (তোমাৰ বাবে)

Credit: Pinkal Pratyush

Tumar Babe is a romantic love story based on an Assamese short film directed by Kishore Baruah and the story is written by Pinkal Pratyush. The short film stars Pinkal Pratyush as Anurag and Surabhi Das as Mausumi in the lead role along with Santanu Dutta, Ankhuman, Thomas, Akash, Pragyan, and Bidisha in the supporting roles.
  • Title: Tumar Babe (তোমাৰ বাবে)
  • Story By: Pinkal Pratyush
  • Directed By: Kishore Baruah
  • YouTube Channel: Pinkal Pratyush


Credit: Deeplina Deka

Windchime Assamese short film is a story about Abha (Deeplina Deka), whose husband was in quarantine during the pandemic. The short film narrates the situation we have faced during the pandemic we have faced so many unexpected incidents and lost our dear ones- the people, close to our hearts.
  • Title: Windchime
  • Story By: Anamika Sarania
  • Directed By: Anamika Sarania
  • YouTube Channel: Deeplina Deka

Niveer Aru Tara - নিবিৰ আৰু তাৰা

Credit: Buddies

Niveer Aru Tara is another popular romantic college love story-based Assamese short film on the list.  The short film is directed and stars Rabbani Soyam. Rabbani Soyam as Niveer and Celesti Bairagey as Tara feature in the led roles.
  • Title: Niveer Aru Tara (নিবিৰ আৰু তাৰা)
  • Story By: Rabbani Soyam
  • Directed By: Rabbani Soyam
  • YouTube Channel: Buddies


Credit: KC Digital Films

Mukha is a situational dark comedy thriller Assamese short film by independent film directed and written by debut filmmaker Rock Nobis and presented by KC Digital Films. Presenting this amazing ride stuffed with mystery and madness. The film stars Nisha Nirmali, Rock Nobis, Shuvrajit Medhi, Pranab J Sharma, and Sunny Sen.
  • Title: Mukha
  • Story By: Rock Nobis
  • Directed By: Rock Nobis
  • YouTube Channel: KC Digital Films

These are some of the best Assamese short films you should definitely watch once all of the above-listed short films are available on YouTube.


Where to Watch Assamese Short Films?

YouTube is the best platform to watch Assamese language short films created by so many talented creators. There are lots of YouTube channels available like Buddies, Zeroth Drama, KC Digital Creation, etc.

Most Viewed Assamese Short Film on YouTube?

Eti Notun Prabhat Assamese short film directed by Arindam Barooah under the banner of Pocket Films - Indian Short Films. The film stars Trinarayan Parashar and Nayanita Goswami in the lead role.

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