Sun Flower Lyrics - Bodo Song 2021

Sun Flower Lyrics: Sun Flower is a newly released romantic Bodo song sung by Nayan Borgoyary and features Simang, Ringki, Sansulee, Nirmal, Rino, and Aloka. The lyrics and tune of the song are given by Urkhao Brahma.

Sun Flower (बिबार बायदि) a Bodo language music video song released under the banner of Nihwr Film Production. The music of the song is given by Pulung and Nyan and is directed by Swapan Kumar Brahma.

If you yet have not watched the official music video of the Bodo song "Sun Flower", watch it now available on the YouTube channel Nihwr Film Production. We've also embedded the official video in our blog post below.

Sun Flower Lyrics - Bodo Song 2021

(Sun Flower Lyrics)

(Sun Flower Official Video)

Sun Flower Song Details
Song Sun Flower
Singers Nayan Borgoyary
Lyrics Urkhao Brahma
Tune Urkhao Brahma
Music Pulung & Nyan
Mix & Mastering General Science
Cast Simang, Ringki, Sansulee, Nirmal, Rino & Aloka 
Language Bodo
Channel Nihwr Film Production