How to Embed Tweets to Blogger Blog [2021 Updated]

How to embed Tweets to Blogger Blog in 2021 learn from this short descriptive blog post.

Did you also want to add/embed a Twitter feed to your Blogger blog post?

So, well today in this blog post I'm going to share a quick step-by-step guide with screenshot instructions on how to embed Tweets to a Blogger blog no matter if it's your Twitter feed or others.

Let's start the tutorial...

How to Embed Tweets to Blogger Blog


It's quite easy to add or embed Tweets to your Blogger blog post. If you don't know how it's. Don't worry just simply follow the steps mentioned in this tutorial as it is.

To embed Twitter Tweets to your Blogger blog post follow the following simple steps:

Step 1: Log in to your Twitter account and find the tweet/feed that you want to add to your Blogger blog post. 

Step 2: Now click on the three dots (More) options located in the top left of the Twitter feed you want to embed. Then click on the Embed Tweet option.


Step 3: After that you will be redirected to Twitter publish page in a new tab. Now simply copy the Code given in the box, you can do it by clicking the Copy Code button as shown below in the screenshot.


Step 4: Now open the blog post where you want to add the Twitter feed. Click on the Edit and select the HTML view option in your Blogger dashboard and paste the copied code after the <br/> tag of that sentence line whose below you want to show the Twitter feed.


That's done.

I hope this tutorial should help you to add Twitter Tweets to your Blogger post.

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