Google Chrome Desktop Dark Mode | How to enable Dark Mode in Chrome [Desktop & App]

Google Chrome one of the most popular web browsers has introduced the dark mode feature for its desktop version. Now you can easily enable the dark mode browsing feature on Chome.


So, in this post basically, we are going to talk about the Chrome dark mode feature. Although the dark mode feature for the Chrome app is available sooner.

Let's look...

How to Enable Dark Mode in Chrome [Desktop Version]

It's now simple to enable or disable the dark mode feature in the Chrome browser while you are browsing. Simply click on the ☀ light icon that appeared in the top right corner and that's done. 

Now your Chrome browser turns into a dark theme mode. 

If you want to return back just simply click on the moon icon [☾] appeared in the same place and then it will return to the default Chrome browser theme.

How to Enable Dark Mode in Chrome [App]

Now let's see how you can enable the dark mode feature/theme in the Google Chrome app. It's quite easy and simple, just follow the steps given below.

1. Open the Google Chrome app on your smartphone device

2. Now click on the three-dot that appeared in the top right corner.

3. Then click on the Settings options and then scroll up and click on Themes

4. Now choose the Dark option.

That's done. 

Why Use Dark Mode?

The dark mode feature that also called dark theme or night mode is one of the popular modern user interfaces. It's getting popular day by day because of its some good reasons. 

Dark mode can put less strain on your eye and can improve the readability of text and even it save the battery of your smartphone. That's why most of the users prefer dark mode.