How to Create an eCommerce Website in Blogger for Free in 2022


How to Create an eCommerce Website in Blogger for Free in 2022: Did you want to lunch your own eCommerce website in 2021 for absolutely free of cost? 

If you also! then you might be searching for an article online that helps you to build/create an eCommerce store/website for free of cost. 

Well, you have already started reading that article, you searched for. This article will be your all-in-one tutorial guide to creating an eCommerce website for free. 

If you're thinking of lunch your eCommerce store/website absolutely free of cost or at the minimum price (only domain price) then the one and only the best free CMS by Google is Blogger (Blogspot). 

Blogger (Blogspot) is one of the most popular free CMS (Content Management System) provided by Google. They offer lots of tools and features for free of cost that help you to build your eCommerce site.

Let's start...

How to Create an eCommerce Website in Blogger for Free [2022]

Here in below, I have shared a complete guide to setting up an eCommerce website in Blogger (Blogspot) for absolutely free of cost or at a minimum cost, the only custom domain costs around $2-$10. 

Simply follow all the steps mentioned below in this blog post then at the end of the post, you will have an eCommerce website owner. So, let's begin...

1. Choose a Domain Name

First of all, you have to choose a domain name for your eCommerce site. Try to choose a name that is easy to remember, a less length catchy name for example some popular eCommerce sites - Alibaba, eBay, Flipkart, Amazon, etc.

Yeah! Blogger also provides you a free subdomain (like, but I recommend you to at least invest some penny ($2-$10) on a custom domain name that helps you to grow your eCommerce store. 

2. Create a Website

This is the main task to create a free website on Blogger CMS. Here below I have shared step by step guide that helps you to create your free website on Blogger. 

Step 1: Open up your web browser and search for "" and click on the first link that appears. 


Step 2: Now the official website will be open. Simply click on the Create Your Blog button. 


Step 3: Choose that email address you want to use to log in, remember this should be your administrative email address. 


Step 4: Now choose a name for your blog/eCommerce site (for example My Online Shop) and click on the Next button this name will be shown as your site title. 


Step 5: Now choose an address for your site that is available (for example and click on the Save button. Don't worry you can easily change this later to a custom domain name. Read how to add a custom domain to Blogger.


Step 6:  Now choose a display name (for example your name) and click on the Finish button. This name will be displayed as your blog author's name. 


That's done, your site is ready now.

3. Important Settings

There are some important Blogger settings you must do that help your site SEO and other search engine factors. Below I have shared all the important settings. 

To edit Blogger Settings log in to your Blogger dashboard then click on the Settings option.  

# Description

You must add a good description of fewer than 500 words to your site related to what. 


# HTTPS Redirect

Make sure you have enabled HTTPS for your site. One plus point for is they provide HTTP to HTTPS redirect or you can say SSL certificate for free of cost. 


# Search Description

This feature gives you add search description for each and every blog post/page that helps your article's SEO a lot. So, make sure you have enabled this option and also add a search description of fewer than 150 words to your site that appears in search engine searches. 


# Enable custom robots tags

One more important setting is to enable the custom robots tags option.


There is one more important setting you have to do create and submit your website's sitemap to the popular search engines webmasters like - Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc search engines, so that your site can be indexed. 

But how to?

Don't worry! I have already written an article on how to create a sitemap and submit it to search engines Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, etc. Just read and follow the steps. Link.

4. Customize Your Site

You also need to well customized your site so that users attract to at first impression. Somebody says, "The first impression is the last impression". 

So, basically, you need a customizable and mobile device responsive Blogger template for your site.

There are a lot of free and paid eCommerce Blogger templates available online. You can simply buy them or download them to use for your eCommerce site.

I hope this article should help you to create your eCommerce website. 

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