How to Create QR Code for Any Website | QR Code using Google Chrome

Did you want to create a QR code for a website? 

Well, it's easy to create a QR code for any website you want. You can do it for free of cost without using any external software within few clicks using your web browser. 

How? Follow this tutorial thoroughly. 

So, today in this tutorial I'm going to share with you how you can create a QR code for a website/webpage with the simple steps mentioned below. 

Let's learn...

How to Create QR Code For Any Website


For this tutorial, I'm using the Google Chrome web browser to create a QR code of a website or a web page. 

First of all, open your Google Chrome web browser and search for the web page you want to create a QR code. For example, I'm now going to search my blog on the browser. 

Then open that link of the web page and point the cursor anywhere on that web page then right-click on your mouse and select the option "Create QR code for this page ". 

Then a QR code for that web page will be popup. Click on the "Download" button and save it on your device.

That's done.

You have now successfully created a QR code for that web page. Now you can scan and share it.

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