Essay on Your Favorite Hobby | Essay on My Favorite Hobby Gardening

Writing an essay on your favorite hobby for your board examination in English. Essay writing is the most important part of the syllabus of the class 10th board examination. So, be well prepared for this.

Essay writing is one of the most important and easy-to-score topics in your class 10th English syllabus under writing skills with Grammar. You will be given two or three topics on which you have to write an essay on any one of the given topics. Essay writing contain usually 6 - 10 marks in class 10th English syllabus.

Essay on Your Favorite Hobby | Essay on Gardening


Question: Write an essay on your Favorite Hobby in about 250 words in English.


My Favorite Hobby

Hobby means favorite work done at leisure. I have a favorite hobby it is gardening.

I am a lover of trees and flowers so I make a garden of my own. Every morning and evening I work for certain fixed hours in the little garden. The soil is made level then I plant different flower plants in the garden.

Every morning I see a good number of flowers. Their colors fill me with joy. I think as it I would remain with them I collect flower plants from the government nursery. My father helped me in supplying some foreign flowers.

I am happy to see different butterflies playing merrily with the flowers. I plant some vegetables every morning I pluck some of the fresh vegetables.

I have chosen this hobby for many reasons. First, it is a source of pleasure, secondly, it is a good exercise to work in the garden this helps me in maintaining sound health. So my garden is a blessing to my body and mind.


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