Essay on Television in 250 Words in English

Writing an essay on Television or Television is a part of Education in 250 words for your academic examinations. Essay writing is also an important part of the syllabus of class 1oth board exam, so be well prepared for it. Today in this post I’m sharing an essay on Television.

Essay on Television

Television is one of the wonders of modern life it brings very distant objects near. We hear the news, live sports, songs, Dramas, and at the same time see the persons participating in these programmes.

Television was first invented by John Logie Baird in England in the year in 1926.

In big cities, television centers are there. There are big transmitters in these centers.  Photos of any event or program are first taken. The transmitters can transform sound and photos into waves. These sounds and photos move in the ether. The receiving sets placed at distant places can receive these waves. The sound and photos are reproduced on the screen of the receiving set. We see these photos and hear these sounds on the television set.

Television has assumed the robs of both radio and cinema. It is a good medium of education and recreation. Some programs for children are educational cultural, informative, and scientific films.

Television helps us to know many things of great importance. We can see great cities, height mountains, political leaders, storms on the screen of the television.

Though television sets are costly yet. It is a blessing for mankind.