Essay on Physical Exercise

Essay on Physical Exercise topic. Learn to write an essay on Physical Exercise in English for your academic examinations. Essay writing is one of the most important parts of the syllabus of the class 10th board examination, so be well prepared for it.

Essay on Physical Exercise


Physical exercise means the movement of various limbs of the body. There are different kinds of physical exercise. Physical exercise helps us to prevent different diseases of the body. To take physical exercise regularly is one of the best means of preserving health.

Riding, swimming, walking, football, cricket, hockey, gymnastics, dancing are some of the common physical exercises. This exercise should be taken regularly in the open air. Over exercise is sometimes harmful to health.

There is a close relationship between the body and the mind. Physical exercise makes the main sound. A man with an unsound mind can not enjoy life.

There are certain rules for physical exercise. These rules should be strictly followed. Many students read much but refuse to take any physical exercises. As a result limbs of their bodies become weak.

Nowadays physical exercise has been made a subject of the school curriculum. We think physical exercise should be made compulsory in our school.