Essay on Newspaper in English for Class 10th Board Exam

Writing an essay on newspaper for the class 10th board exam. Essay writing is one of the most important parts of the syllabus of the class 10th board examination. So, be well prepared for this. In this post, I’m going to share an essay on newspaper for 10th students.

Essay on Newspaper for students in English


The newspaper is of great importance to modern life. Newspaper gives us news of for and near and information on the political, social and economic matter.

The newspaper was first introduced by 17th-century European publisher Johann Carolus. It was followed by other advanced countries.

In India too there was no newspaper before the British came. Now there are hundreds of newspapers in different languages regional and foreign.

The main function of a newspaper is to collect and cater news. We are able to know the happenings of the countries of the world through newspapers. The newspaper is the chief agency of expressing public opinion.

A newspaper publishes news on trade and commerce, industry, sports, and other allied subjects. It is a part of education. We may know about the recent and latest inventions of the world.

Newspapers are not only the bliss of humankind but are also a curse. They often encourage agitation, communal riot. They sometimes manipulate the news in favor of a party they support. This is dishonest journalism.

The editors of newspapers have a great responsibility. They must be conscious and sincere.