Essay on Friendship in English for 10th Board Exam

Writing an essay on friendship in English. Essay writing is one of the most important parts of the syllabus of the class 10th board examination. So, be well prepared for this.

Essay on Friendship for students in English


Human is a social being they can not live along. In the battle of life, we need the help of others.

Friendship means a close relationship with other people in our circular society. Friendship is formed through sincere and mutual understanding, love of one man towards another.

A true friend is a blessing. But nowadays it is difficult to find a true friend. True friends are those who stand by their friends in weal and woe. One can rely on a true friend.

The love of a true friend is always selfless. It is said that “a friend in need is a friend indeed”. A true friend is an asset.

False friends are compared to winds. They come in time of prosperity and leave in times of adversity. A false friend is not a friend. It is dangerous to believe a false friend. Such a friend should be trusted. He may lead you on the wrong path.

I have a faithful friend. He helps me one night when my mother fell ill. The night was dark my friend rushed to the hospital and brought the doctor. My mother was saved. She would have died if the doctor did not arrive in time.

We should be very careful in choosing a true friend. Remember a true friend is your biggest asset in life.