Essay on Flood in Assam in 250 words in English

Essay on Flood in Assam, a northeastern state of India. Here learn to write an essay on Flood in Assam topic for your academic examinations. Essay writing is also an important part of the syllabus of the class 10th board exam.

Essay on Flood in Assam


The Bramhaputra is the biggest river in Assam. Flood in Assam every year caused mainly by the Bramhaputra river. That is why it is now called “the sorrow of Assam”. During the flood, there is water and water everywhere in the villages and towns shelters in high rods or on big buildings, schools, and colleges.

The misery of the people knows no bounds. People of Assam lose their food and shelter. Some people lose their life. Many cattle and children have been swept away. Cornfields are merged underwater. Means of communication are totally cut-off. Flood does not come alone, it carries different kinds of diseases.  Hundreds fall victim to epidemics after the flood.

Not only in Assam but in different parts of India floods are very common. Flood is a national waste of life and property.

Relief measures are generally taken by the government in times of flood. Food and clothes are distributed free. Besides government, social and cultural organizations also come forward to help the flood-affected people. But relief measures can not solve the flood problem. It is impossible to control floods altogether. But it can be lessened and made to our use by scientific methods.