5 Best Pinterest Video Downloaders of 2022


Do you want to download Pinterest videos online?

Well, you have already landed in the right blog post.

Here in this post, I'm going to share some best Pinterest video downloader websites that must be helpful for you to download your liked Pinterest video online. 

Nowadays there are thousands of images and videos daily published on Pinterest by various creators and it's likely to grow. 

Pinterest doesn't allow you to download the video content published on their platform. Because of that scenario, this query on how to download Pinterest videos and the Pinterest video downloader services provider websites have come into action. 

Even if Pinterest doesn't allow users to download any video content, here's a way you can use to download your favorite video content from Pinterest and store it on your device. 

Let's start...

How to Download Pinterest Video

Follow all the steps given below to download Pinterest videos in HD quality.

Step 1: Open the Pinterest app or on the web wherever you use it.

Step 2: Find out or search for the video you want to download, then play the video and click on the three-dot located in the bottom right corner. 


Step 3: Now click on the Copy link option.


Step 4: Then open a Pinterest video downloader website listed below and paste the copied link of the video. Now simply click on the Download button. 

That's done, your favorite video will automatically start downloading.

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Let's see...

Best Pinterest Video Downloaders

Here in below, I have listed down some of the best Pinterest video downloaders of 2022. 

1. PinterestVideoDownloader.com


PinterestVideoDownloader.com is one of the best tools you can use to download Pinterest video content online for free. This website provides services to download images, videos, and GIFs in just one click. Using this site you can download videos in their original resolution and HD 720p quality. 

2. ExpertsTool.com


ExapertsTool's Pinterest video downloader tool is also the best free online tool that allows you to download Pinterest Videos and images. Using this Pinterest video downloader you can easily download any kind of Pinterest video in mp4 and 720p format. 

3. ExpertTricks.com


ExpertTricks.com's Pinterest video downloader tool is also a useful tool that you can use to download your favorite liked videos, images, and GIFs from Pinterest online for free. 

4. PinterestDownloader.com


PinterestDownloader.com is another best website you can choose to download any Pinterest videos, images, and GIFs online for free. Just simply copy and paste the video link and download it in just one click.

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