AdSense Approval Tips & Tricks | How to Get AdSense Approved on Lyrics Website

AdSense Approval Tips & Tricks | How to Get AdSense Approved on Lyrics Website: Most of the new bloggers who created or want to create a song lyrics blog/website have a question in mind that is Google-approved AdSense on lyrics website in 2022. 

Nowadays there are so many lyrics websites published daily. So the competition is high and you have to work hard on your site SEO and as well as need to post regularly. 

There is no sense to create a lyrics website if your blog post is not ranked in the top pages of Google. 

In this post, I covered some queries related to Adsense approval on the lyrics website in 2022

  • Has Google approved Adsense on the lyrics website in 2022?
  • How can I get Adsense Approved on my lyrics website?
  • Tips to get Adsense approved quickly on lyrics website in 2022.
If you're also facing that's kind of query regarding your lyrics website then well you have landed on the right post. 

Let's start the discussion...

How to get Adsense Approved on Lyrics Website [2022 Updated]

First of all, I have to clear your doubt about that!

Is Google approved Adsense on the Lyrics website in 2022?

The answer is yes. 

You should get Google Adsense approved on your lyrics website/blog if your site passed all the criteria of Google Adsense. 

Don't worry! in this post, we'll discuss all the important tips and tricks that you must follow in 2022 to get Adsense approved on your lyrics site. 

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I have also run a lyrics website that recently got Adsense approved in January 2022. So, all the tricks I share in this post are based on my own experiences.


Adsense Approval Tips for Lyrics Website

Follow all these eight tricks on your newbie lyrics website before submitting for Google Adsense approval. These will help you to get your Adsense approved successfully on your first attempt.

1. Add Pages

Make sure that you have added About, Contact, Privacy Policy, and Disclaimer pages on your lyrics blog/website or even other niches websites it's mandatory by Google before you have submitted your site to Adsense review. 

2. User-Friendly Design

Design your lyrics website user-friendly. Make your website template mobile responsive. It helps you to retain web traffic from mobile devices. Also used the navigation menu so that users can easily navigate your site. 

3. Content & Traffic

Most of the newcomer bloggers ask how many posts and traffic are required to get Adsense approved. It's not officially mentioned by Adsense how many posts and traffic are required to get approved. But you at least write 60-100 lyrics post and drive traffic of 150-200 unique visitors daily before submitting for Adsense review. 

4. Domain Age

Domain age is also an important factor for Adsense. Make sure that your domain is at least 30 months old when you are going to submit it for review. 

5. Languages Support

Google Adsense does not support every language. So make sure you have created your blog/website in a language that is supported by Google Publisher Products. You can see the languages supported by the Adsense program list here click

6. Don't Use Copyright Materials

Never use copyright materials on your blog like images. For a lyrics blog, you can use the original video content on your post via the YouTube embed feature and give the credits to the original creators. 

7. Other Ad Network

If you are using another ads network on your site then kindly removed all the ad codes from the site before you have submitted your site to Google Adsense review.  

8. Post Regularly

The last but not least tip is to maintain your regularity on your site. You have to write posts regularly before and after submitting them for Adsense review. most of the newcomer bloggers done mistakes they don't maintain regularity after submitting for Adsense review. As a result, they got disapproved. 

At the last, you must read once the Google AdSense terms and conditions before submitting your site for review.

Those are the 8 tips you must follow to get your Adsense account approved on the lyrics website in 2022.

If you sincerely follow the 8 tips I have mentioned above you'll definitely get Adsense approved this time. I have also proceeded with that procedure and got AdSense approved on my lyrics website within a week.

I hope you like this post. If you have any doubts regarding Google Adsense approved on lyrics websites then let me know in the comment section below. 

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