100+ Important One Word Substitutions List PDF Download | One Word Substitutions for Competitive Exams

Important One Word Substitutions List: One Word Substitutions form an important part of the vocabulary. Such questions frequently feature in the verbal section of many competitive exams like SSC, Railway, Banking, etc. Questions based on this concept ask you to replace a given sentence with an appropriate word.


In this article, you will get an important 100 of one word substitutions list vary commonly asked on the competitive exams. You can also download the PDF file of these important one word substitutions for free link given below.

Important One Word Substitution List

PhraseOne Word
The building where books are kept for public readingLibrary
The house/building where pupils gather for learningSchool/College
The place where people gather for buying and selling different commoditiesMarket
The place where animals and birds are kept for public visitZoo
The place where dogs are keptKennel
The place where a lion livesDen
The man whose business is printing books for salePublisher
The man who watches the examineesInvigilator
The animals that eat raw fleshScavenger
The man who has not marriedBachelor
The woman who has not marriedSpinster
The act of killing oneselfSuicide
The handwriting that can not be readIllegible
The man who serves without salaryHonorary
The man who can not read or writeIlliterate
The man who can read or writeLiterate
The man who looks at the bright side of thingsOptimist
The man who looks at the dark side of thingsPessimist
The Doctor who performs operationsSurgeon
The child born after its father’s deathPosthumous
The festival observed for completion of 100 yearCentenary
The man who dies for a noble causeMartyr
The man who comes from a foreign land to settleImmigrant
The man leaving his country to settle in a foreign landEmigrant
The thing that can be seenVisible
The thing that can not be seenInvisible
The man who kills a manMurderer
The man who plows for producing cropsCultivator
The man who works with woodCarpenter
The man who works with clothes for making dressesTailor
The man who drives a carDriver
The man who drives an airplanePilot
The man who delivers lettersPostman
The man who makes breadBaker
The man who owes something to othersDebtor
The man who lends out money/thingsLender
The person who deals in lawLawyer
The man who writes books, articles, stories, etcAuthor/Writer
The man who does not take fish or meatVegetarian
The person who makes/repairs shoesCobbler
The two events happening at the same timeContemporary
The woman whose husband is deadWidow
The house/room in which meals are cooked or preparedKitchen
The student who sits for the examinationExaminee
The man who employs persons in worksEmployee
The chief meal of the dayDinner
The meal taken in the middle of the dayLunch
The meal of the nightSupper
The man who can not seeBlind
The event that can not happenImpossible
The man who is rich but can not spend moneyMiser, Niggardly
The man who has much moneyRich
The man who can deliver a lectureOrator
The tribe having no permanent residenceNomad
The man who teaches about religionPreacher
The place where the Christian people pray/worshipChurch
The place where the Muslims worship GodMosque
The place where the Hindus worship GodTemple
The life history of a manBiography
The life history of a man written by himselfAutobiography
The decision taken with the support of allUnanimous

Here is the PDF downloading link of the 100+ important one word substitution list.

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