How to create an Assamese language website for free in 2022


How to create an Assamese language website for free in 2022: Making a regional language (Assamese) blog/website is easy now as you create an English language website.

If you want to start your blog/website in the Assamese language then congrats it's easy to create. 

Well, You have landed in the right blog post.

The websites/blogs are mainly created by two methods using the CMSs (WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Blogger, etc)  and another one is by hiring a website Designer or developing himself.

So, today in this post I will show you how to create/make an Assamese language website/blog using the CMS method (Blogger). 

  • How to create an Assamese website in Blogger (Free)

If you want to create your blog/website for free of cost or at the minimum price (only domain price) then go with the Blogger CMS. Blogger CMS is by Google and it's free to use.

So, Let's start ...

How to create an Assamese website in Blogger

To create an Assamese language website or even any website/blog in Blogger (Blogspot) CMS it's mandatory to have a Gmail account. If you have not created then create a new Gmail account now. 

Once you have successfully created your Gmail account then go to your browser and search "".  Now click on the first link that appears (


That's the official Blogger website. Now click on the Create Your Blog button to start your blog/website. 


Now choose the Email address that you want to use as your administrator email id. Then enter your password of the email id. 


Give a beautiful relative title to your blog/website (eg. Technology Blog) within 100 words and then hit the Next button. 


Now choose an address/name for your blog/website that is available (eg. and click on the Next button.


After that give a display name that reflects in your blog post author name. Then simply click on the Finish button. 

That's done.

Now your blog is successfully published. 

Now you can start writing your blog post and publish them online. Learn here how to write a blog post in Assamese.

To attract audiences to your blog you have to customize your Blogger website with a beautiful responsive mobile-friendly blogger template. 

That's how you can start your own Assamese language blog/website on Blogger with a cost of zero. 

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