Facebook Video Downloader - Best Free Tools to Save Facebook Videos


Best free tools to download Facebook videos for free online and store them on your storage device. 

If you want to store Facebook video content on your device then these free tools might be helpful try it.

Facebook usually doesn't allow the users to download and save their video contents on another storage device. You can only save the videos on your FB account. 

So, Today in this post I'm going to share some best free Facebook video downloader tools that can help you to download the video content from FB in high-quality HD. 

Best Facebook Video Downloader



FBdown.net is one of the best popular Facebook video downloading sites that allow users to download videos in high-quality HD and normal quality. Using this downloader you can also download private videos.



Getfvid.com is also the best free online video downloader tool to download and store Facebook videos on your device. This tool allows you to download private videos and Facebook live videos in HD and standard quality.  



One of the best tools to download Facebook videos for free is the SaveFrom.Net Helper tool. You can also install their chrome browser extension. This tool helps you to download files from YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, and 40+ other websites in just one click. 



Ingramer Facebook downloader is also the best free tool to download and store any FB video content on your device. Just simply copy and paste the video link and start downloading. They also provide services to download Instagram and Twitter videos.



YT1s.com Facebook downloader is another free video downloader you can use to download Facebook and YouTube videos online. Just simply copy and paste the video link and then start downloading.

These are the best free Facebook video content downloader tools you can use to download your liked video content on FB.

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