How to insert Equation in MS PowerPoint 2013


Do you worry about how to insert equations in MS PowerPoint 2013?

If you are a Mathematics or Science teacher or a student and have to give a PowerPoint-based academic presentation that includes some equations, but what if you don't know how to insert an equation in a PowerPoint slide.

So, today in this tutorial I'm going to share a step-by-step guide on how you can insert/add equations of Mathematical or Chemical on the ppt slide of MS PowerPoint 2013.

The process of inserting/adding equations in MS PowerPoint earlier version or the latest version steps are almost the same with PowerPoint 2013.

Let's come to the topic...

How to insert Equation in PowerPoint 2013

Follow the steps to insert/add equations in MS PowerPoint 2013 presentation slides.

Step1: Open the PowerPoint 2013 version installed on your computer. Just click on the Start button > All programs/All apps > Microsoft Office > Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2013.

Step2: Select the slide in which you want to add/insert equations and click on the Insert option in the menu bar. Now click on the Equation under the Symbols section.

Step3: Now you can start typing or constructing the equations using the given Mathematical symbols and structures. After you have done typing or constructing the equations just click outside the equation box to enter the equation on the ppt slide. 

Step4: If you want to edit the equations simply click on the equation box on the ppt slide then click on the Design option under the Equation Tools and then start editing/changing.

That's everything about how you can insert/add mathematical or chemical equations in the MS PowerPoint 2013.