How to enable dark mode in Signal app on Android step by step guide


Do you want to enable dark theme mode in the Signal app?

You already landed on the right page, here in this post I'm going to share step by step guide on how you can easily enable the dark theme feature in the Signal messaging application. 

Why Dark Mode?

The dark mode feature also called dark theme or night mode is becoming one of the popular modern user interfaces because of its good reasons. Dark mode can put less strain on your eye and can improve the readability of text and even it save the battery of your smartphone.

That's why nowadays almost every application has the feature of a dark theme/night mode user interface.

Let's discuss the topic...

How to enable Dark Mode in the Signal app?

Follow these simple three steps to turn on/switch from the default system theme into the dark theme mode.

Step1: Open the Signal application on your android device.

Step2: Simply click on the three dots located in the top-right corner. Then click on the Settings option.

Step3: Now click on the Appearance option and then click on the Theme option and then select the third option "Dark

That's done. The Signal application is now automatically switched from the default system theme into the dark theme mode. 

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