How to connect OTG in Realme C3

Are you a Realme C3 user and not able to connect a USB OTG adapter?

Well, you have landed on the right blog post.

Even many users face this problem when they try to connect a USB OTG adapter to their Realme C3 device. You can easily solve this issue by following these easy steps on your smartphone. 

So, Today in this post I'm going to share how you can connect a USB OTG adapter to a Realme C3 device. You just simply read and follow this short descriptive article till the end.

Let's start...

How to connect OTG in Realme C3?

It's simple to connect an OTG adapter to the Realme C3 device, just you need to enable the OTG connection feature in your smartphone settings.

Simply open the settings of your Realme C3 device and then scroll up and click on the Additional settings option, then a new additional settings window will be open. Now again scroll up and then enable the OTG connection option.


That's done.

Now you can plug the OTG adapter and access the external storage device on your Realme C3 device. To access files go to the File Manager > Categories > Storage Locations.

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