How to Block Ads in Opera Browser [Web & App] Step by Step Tutorial

If you are irritated with the third-party ads shown on the sites when browsing/surfing the internet.

You can easily block those ads completely by enabling some settings options on your internet browsing website or app.

So, Today in this post I'm going to share how you can block third-party ads on the Opera browser website and app. It's a simple task, you just need to enable the ad block feature in the browser settings.

How to Block Ads in Opera Browser [Web]

You can easily block ads from the various third party sites in the Opera browser. Simply open the Opera browser on your desktop pc and click on the Opera icon at the top-left corner then click on the Settings option [shortcut key press Ctrl + P].

Now enable the "Block ads and surf the web up" option under the Privacy Protection section. That's done now you can start browsing sites on Opera without third-party ads.

You can also give an exception to some sites on block ads if you want. Simply click on the Manage Exception and then click on the Add button, then type the domain name of that site as [*] and hit the Add button.

How to Block Ads in Opera Browser App

Yeah! you can also block third-party ads that run on the sites you browse on your Opera browser app. Just simply open the Opera browser app and click on the Opera icon at the bottom-right corner, then enable the Ad Blocking option as shown in the screenshot below.

That's everything about how you can block third-party ads in the Opera browser app and web.

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