How to add PopAds.Net code in Blogger (Blogspot) Blog

Are you trying to monetize your blog with PopAds.Net?

PopAds.Net is one of the best Adsense alternatives for a newbie blogger. If your blog or website has low traffic and post then also you can monetize it by and withdraw the amount through PayPal when reaching the minimum threshold of $5.

So, Today in this tutorial, I'm going to share how you can add/ insert PopAds ad code on your Blogger Blogspot blog. 

Let's discuss the topic...

How to add PopAds.Net code in Blogger (Blogspot)

To insert or add the PopAds.Net code in your Blogger (Blogspot) blog simply have to follow these steps as given below.

Step1: First you have to log in to your PopAds.Net account if you don't have a PopAds account then create a publisher account.

Step2: After you log in to your PopAds account, you will show a ⊕New Website option under the publisher's panel. Just click on this option and then enter your Site Name (example How2Gyan), Site URL (example-, Description, and Category. And also select/deselect the campaigns and advertisements you want to allow run on your site. Now simply click on the Add Website button. 

Step3: Then your site will be review by the PopAds team within 24 hours and check whether your site is eligible to show/run ads.

Step4: After your site got approved by the PopAds team, log in to your PopAds account and click on the Websites option under the Publisher's panel. Then click on the website name you got approved and then click on the Get Code button under the Actions option then click on the Generate Code button.

Step5: Now copy all the code generated and go to your Blogger (Blogspot) dashboard and click on the Theme > Edit HTML. Now paste the ad code in between <head> and </head> tag of your Blogger theme. [press Ctrl + F and search </head> tag]

That's done.

Now visit your site, the PopAds ads will be running on your site automatically.

I hope this short tutorial should help you to add PopAds code to your Blogger blog. If you like to read our blog posts you can also share them on social platforms - Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. 

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