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Assamese TV Serials Channel List, Timing: In this post, we are listed down some of the best popular Assamese TV Serials like Beharbari Outpost, Bharaghar, Duti Monor Jonak, etc published by the leading Assamese entertainment TV channels - Rang TV, Rengoni TV. 

If you are from Assam or love to watch Assamese languages TV Serials you gonna like this list.

SL No.Serial NameChannel Name
1.Beharbari OutpostRengoni TV
2.BharagharRang TV
3.Duti Monor JonakRang TV
4.Oi KhaplaRang TV
5.Borola KaiRang TV
6.Sahu BuwariRang TV
7.BandhunRang TV
8.SwabhimanRengoni TV
9.Begum-JaanRengoni TV
10.RadhikaRengoni TV
11.Kajal PriyaRang TV
12.BoidehiRang TV
13.DorioliRengoni TV
14.Niyoror PhoolRengoni TV
15.ArdhanginiRang TV
16.NamamiRang TV
17.XorapatRang TV
18.Asta Akaxor JonRang TV
19.MomotaRengoni TV
20.Kasiyoli RodRengoni TV

That's our list of the 20 most popular Assamese TV serial shows. Many of the listed serials are not currently running on their respective TV channels, but even you can enjoy all the episodes on their official YouTube channels.

Currently Running Assamese TV Serials

Beharbari Outpost

Beharbari Outpost is one of the most popular Assamese Indian comedy television series telecast on Rengoni TV. The series revolves around Beharbari police station, Guwahati, Assam. The series was first telecasted on 7 October 2013. Now it is the longest-running TV series on the channel and also in Assam. The series is led by SI Pritam (Pritam Baruah) and features Constable KK (Siddhartha Sharma), CID Mohan (Deepjyoti Keot), Beauty Bailung, Moni Bou, Mukuta Da, Sushmita, Rakesh, and many more characters. The best thing about the team Beharbari Outpost they end each episode with a healthy message to the public.

Watch the Beharbari Outpost TV series on Rengoni TV from Monday to Saturday at 08:00 PM & 10:30 PM.


Xorapat - সৰাপাত is an Assamese Indian love-centric television series which telecast on Rang TV. The series revolves around Amrit and Amrita who are bound by the bond of love.

Watch Xorapat - সৰাপাত TV series on Rang TV from Monday to Saturday 08:00 PM & 11:00 PM.


Swabhiman (স্বভিমান) story revolves around Aradhya (wife) for her husband is everything, he is more important than her dreams and personal choices. But one day she finds another woman in her husband's life. 

Watch Swabhiman (স্বভিমান) Assamese TV serial on Rengoni TV from Monday to Saturday 07:00 PM & 10:00 PM.

Asta Akaxor Jon

Asta Akaxor Jon (অস্ত আকাশৰ জোন) is a family-oriented Assamese Indian television series that is telecast on Rang TV. The story of the series revolves around two cousins Astha and Arohi. Asthma is a kind-hearted very charming character with brilliance and intelligence. And on the other hand her beautiful and adorable sister Arohi is a fun-loving girl. Akash, A childhood friend of Astha, is a very innocent and smart guy. He belongs to a very wealthy family. In his childhood, Akash fell in love with Astha. 

Watch Asta Akaxor Jon (অস্ত আকাশৰ জোন) Assamese serial on Rang TV from Monday to Saturday at 09:00 PM.

Kasiyoli Rowd

Kasiyoli Rowd (কাঁচিয়লী ৰ'দ) is an Assamese TV series that reveals the story of a common girl, Annanya who fights the world with a silent and calm face. She never expects too much in her life. But the time gives various shocking turns in her life.

Watch Kasiyoli Rowd (কাঁচিয়লী ৰ'দ) Assamese series on Rengoni TV from Monday to Saturday 06:30 PM & 09:30 PM.


Namami (নমামি) is a family-oriented Indian Assamese languages TV serial telecast on Rang. This story of the series revolves around Janaki (mother), Bivan (Janaki's son), and Namami (the daughter-in-law/ Bivan's wife). To a mother, her children are all the wealth in the world and happiness in life. She'd go to the end of the world, to protect her children. Sometimes, that love can be overbearing, or, in this case, can be overprotective.

Watch Namami (নমামি) Assamese series on Rang TV from Monday to Saturday at 08:30 & 10:30 PM.


Radhika (ৰাধিকা) Assamese languages TV series which telecast on Rengoni TV storyline revolves around Radhika, who lost her mother at a very young age, and since then she lives with her stepmother and father, who is also a rich businessman, has taken her care of. After the death of her mother, she faced lots of trouble. Radhika falls in love with Akash and gets married to him. The story soon takes lots of twists and turns.

Watch Radhika (ৰাধিকা) Assamese TV serial on Rengoni from Monday to Saturday 06:00 & 09:00 PM.

At the least, I'm sharing that my fav Assamese TV serial is none but "Beharbari Outpost". I would also like to know your favorite Assamese languages TV serial below in the comment section. 

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