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If you are working or learning Microsoft Excel, you must know the keyboard shortcuts that are used in MS Excel. By knowing the keyboard shortcuts it will boost up your Excel work and make you an Excel pro.

MS Excel offers many keyboard shortcuts. If you are familiar with the windows operating system, you should be aware of most of them. 

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MS Excel Keyboard Shortcuts List

Below is the list of all the major shortcut keys in Microsoft Excel for the Windows Operating system.

Ctrl + A − Selects all contents of the worksheet.

Ctrl + B − Bold highlighted selection.

Ctrl + I − Italicizes the highlighted selection.

Ctrl + K − Inserts link.

Ctrl + U − Underlines the highlighted selection.

Ctrl + 1 − Changes the format of selected cells.

Ctrl + 5 − Strikethrough the highlighted selection.

Ctrl + P − Brings up the print dialog box to begin printing.

Ctrl + Z − Undo the last action.

Ctrl + F3 − Opens Excel Name Manager.

Ctrl + F9 − Minimizes the current window.

Ctrl + F10 − Maximize currently selected window.

Ctrl + F6 − Switches between open workbooks or windows.

Ctrl + Page up − Moves between Excel worksheets in the same Excel document.

Ctrl + Page down − Moves between Excel worksheets in the same Excel document.

Ctrl + Tab − Moves between Two or more open Excel files.

Alt + = − Creates a formula to sum all of the above cells

Ctrl + ' − Inserts the value of the above cell into the cell currently selected.

Ctrl + Shift + ! − Formats the number in comma format.

Ctrl + Shift + $ − Formats the number in currency format.

Ctrl + Shift + # − Formats the number in date format.

Ctrl + Shift + % − Formats the number in percentage format.

Ctrl + Shift + ^ − Formats the number in scientific format.

Ctrl + Shift + @ − Formats the number in time format.

Ctrl + Arrow key − Moves to the next section of text.

Ctrl + Space − Selects the entire column.

Shift + Space − Selects the entire row.

Ctrl + - − Deletes the selected column or row.

Ctrl + Shift + = − Inserts a new column or row.

Ctrl + Home − Moves to cell A1.

Ctrl + ~ − Switches between showing Excel formulas or their values in cells.

F2 − Edits the selected cell.

F3 − After a name has been created F3 will paste names.

F4 − Repeat the last action. For example, if you changed the color of the text in another cell pressing F4 will change the text in the cell to the same color.

F5 − Goes to a specific cell. For example, C6.

F7 − Spell checks the selected text or document.

F11 − Creates a chart from the selected data.

Ctrl + Shift + ; − Enters the current time.

Ctrl + ; − Enters the current date.

Alt + Shift + F1 − Inserts New Worksheet.

Alt + Enter − While typing text in a cell pressing Alt + Enter will move to the next line allowing for multiple lines of text in one cell.

Shift + F3 − Opens the Excel formula window.

Shift + F5 − Brings up the search box.

These are the most important and commonly used keyboard shortcuts in Microsoft Excel. Try these MS Excel shortcuts that definitely make you an Excel pro.

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