6 Best Free Website Speed Test Tools of 2022


Some queries from newbie bloggers about the Blog/Website speed performance optimization which we are going to discuss deeply in the post.

What is Blog/Website page speed?

Where/How can I check my Blog/Website loading speed? Is it free?

What if my website speed is too low?

If you are also facing the type of queries then this post is your right solution, must read till the end. In this post, I'm trying my best to explain these topics as you understand simply.

What is Website Speed?

A website speed or web performance means the speed at which your web pages are downloaded and displayed on the user's web browser.  

How Can I Check My Website Speed?

There are many free and paid tools that allow you to analyze your Blog/Website loading speed, mobile friendly, page optimization from different locations. In this post, we mainly focus on the free website page speed test tools. 

What if my website speed is too low?

Blog/Website speed depends on various aspects like image optimization, your server response time, some theme's unused CSS code. A poor speed also affects your site's ranking on Google.

To speed up your Blog/Website make sure to optimize all the images properly you used in your site, choose a better hosting plan and a responsive theme. 

Here Today, I'm going to share a list of the 6 best free website speed test tools you must have to know these amazing tools as a Blogger.

6 Best Free Website Speed Test Tools

Tools NameURL Links
PageSpeed InsightsVisit

PageSpeed Insights


PageSpeed Insights is a free website performance tracker tool from Google. It helps you to monitor your site's performance on both mobile and desktop devices. 

Google's PageSpeed Insights show your site's overall performance result in number from 0-100, more you score means your site perform well.

How to use PageSpeed Insights: Go to Google's PageSpeed Insights page and pate your site's URL and click on Analyze.



GTmatrix is also one of the best free tools that I used to analyze my blog/website's performance speed optimization in different locations. If you want to change the default analysis options like testing location, browser, and device you have to first login create a GTmatrix account.

How to use GTmatrix: Go to the GTmatrix page and paste your site URL and select a location you want to analyze, then click on Test your site button.



Pingdom is also the best blog/website performance, load speed time analysis tracker tool. Pingdom allows you to choose different locations to test your blog/website performance optimization. Buy their premium plan if you want more flexibility on your site performance.

How to use Pingdom: Just simply go to the link ( https://tools.pingdom.com/ )and enter your site URL and select a location then click on start test.



UPtrends also provide a free website speed testing tool service. Using this tool you can easily check your Blog/Website's performance for different locations, both mobile and desktop devices, and for popular web browsers.

How to use UPtrends: Go to the UPtrends website speed testing page and paste your site's URL choose a location, device type, and browser, then click on the Start button. 



WebPageTest is also one of the free website speed testing tools, you must use to test your Blog/Website for different locations, different devices, and browsers. 

How to use WebPageTest: Go to the home page of WebPageTest.org and enter the site's URL, choose a location and browser then click the Start Test button.



Dotcom-Tools also provide a service of free website speed testing tools. This tool helps you to test your site performance for different browsers and devices and almost from every corner of the world.

How to use Dotcom-Tools: Same as the above tools go to their site and paste your site's URL choose a devise/browser type and a location then click on the Start Test button.

That's the end of today's free website speed testing tools list.

If you want to share/suggest/add a website speed testing tool that we missed out on this list feel free to discuss below in the comment section it will help someone needy.

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