Best Assamese Keyboard Apps Download for Android

Best Assamese Keyboard Apps for Android in 2020

Searching for the best Assamese Keyboard app for your Android device. Well, your query's answer will be in this post, read till the end. Here in this post, we listed down the 7 best Assamese script support keyboard apps for Android in 2022. 

By the way, there is also an option you can use the multilingual keyboard apps which support almost every Indic scripts (Indian languages). Updates your social media accounts in the Assamese, own mother tough language.

About The Assamese Languages

The Assamese, also known as Asamiya (অসমীয়া), is an Eastern Indo-Aryan language spoken mainly in the Indian state of Assam. Assamese is the official language of the state of Assam. It is the easternmost Indo-European language, spoken by over 14 million speakers, and serves as a lingua franca in the region. Read more.

Best Assamese Keyboard App for Android [2022]

No. App Download Link
1. Rodali Download  
2. Lipikaar Download  
3. Jahnabi Download  
4. Assamese Keyboard by Abbout Cullen Download  
5. Assamese Keyboard by Winterfell Technologies Download  
6. Assamese Keyboard by NenoSoft Technologies Download  
7. Assamese Keyboard by Uncle Keyboards Inc. Download  

Here below we listed down the 7 best Assamese keyboard Apps for Android devices in 2021. These android applications support the Assamese language script letters. Using the Assamese keyboard app you can easily type the Assamese language script letters on your android device and update your social media accounts in the Assamese.

Rodali Assamese Keyboard 

Best Assamese Keyboard Apps for Android in 2020

Rodali Assamese keyboard developed by Gunadeep Chetia is an application through which you can easily write messages, update on social networking sites, or compose emails in the Assamese script letters on your Android phone or tablet. It contains two typing layouts. One is "Simple", where the Assamese letters are displayed on the keyboard and you have to just tap the letters to write. There will be an automatic suggestion for valid conjunct characters (Juktaxars) with each letter. Another method is "Phonetic" where you can type Assamese words using English characters and it transliterates the text into the Assamese.

In each method, you can type in English by switching the "As" mode to "En". In phonetic layout, the App also provides auto-suggestion for some commonly misspelled Assamese words while typing. You can also add your own words for auto-suggestion or delete any unwanted words from the suggestion list. You can also take a backup of the words that you added to the dictionary and retrieve them at the time of retrieving the app.

Lipikaar Assamese Keyboard

Best Assamese Keyboard Apps for Android in 2020

Lipikar Assamese keyboard is also one of the best Assamese keyboard apps for Android devices. You can easily send emails, post-Facebook updates, and send messages on Whatsapp in the Assamese using the Lipikaar Assamese Keyboard. Some rules to type Assamese script using the Lipikar Assamese keyboard are given below.

Rule 1: Repeatedly type the closest sounding key until you see the correct Assamese script character.
s = স ss = শ sss = ষ krr = ক্ৰ krrr = কৃ

Rule 2: Join two characters by typing x between them.
rxy = ৰ্য sxk = স্ক nxt = ন্ত

Rule 3: Type z to add a special symbol of the script.
z = ং zz = ঃ zzz = ঁ zzzz = ।

Jahnabi keyboard

Best Assamese Keyboard Apps for Android in 2020

Jahnabi is also one of the best Assamese scripts to support keyboard apps for Android developed by Utpal Phukan. Jahnabi's android version is the first and only android keyboard with Tai Ahom language support. It also supports two Assamese layouts and a QWERTY English layout. Jahnabi has a word suggestion and shortcut feature for some popular phrases.

Assamese Keyboard by Abbout Cullen

Best Assamese Keyboard Apps for Android in 2020

This Assamese Keyboard developed by Abbott Cullen allows you to type in the Assamese language. You can easily compose emails, post on the social network, and write someone messages through Assamese Keypad. With the Assamese Keyboard, you can write all Assamese scripts Alphabets, letters, and words. The Assamese keyboard is the easiest keyboard to write in the Assamese language. 

Assamese Keyboard by Winterfell Technologies

Best Assamese Keyboard Apps for Android in 2020

This Assamese language keyboard and English language is a twisted keypad for Multilingual users with amazing colorful Backgrounds. Making of Assamese language documents, e-mails, messages, and applications are possible easily if you have the Assamese English keyboard. Assamese language Phonetic keyboard plugin is the best way to build vocabulary for the Assamese language, Assamese language, and English and fastest typewriter for your cell phones that enable you to get expertise in three language typing. Classic Assamese language keyboard is your smart typewriter and promising English Assamese language keyboard for android phone for smooth wording.

Assamese Keyboard by NenoSoft Technologies

Best Assamese Keyboard Apps for Android in 2020

Assamese language keyboard is a fast typing keypad that allows users to type in Assamese text, words and can be easily shared via social media like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc. It's one of the best Assamese keyboards for Android with the Assamese language phonetic keyboard to type Assamese quotes, Assamese status, Assamese video thumbnails. 

It is the best typing keypad with an Indic Assamese script keyboard with a private keyboard for typing in the language with an android photo keyboard. Easy typing in the Assamese language with custom font, cute emoticons, stylish stickers, cute emojis and save all your favorite word in a database and change text font according to your style.

Assamese Keyboard by Uncle Keyboards Inc

Best Assamese Keyboard Apps for Android in 2020

Assamese Typing Keyboard is the best English to Assamese keyboard for typing in the Assamese language. This keyboard allows a user to write and type a message in the Assamese language. The new easy Assamese Keyboard 2018 is two in one English Assamese keyboard. You can also type words in English at the same time without changing the keyboard. Assamese and English typing Assamese Emoji keyboards are very easy to use. 

This is a complete Assamese best phonetic keyboard with all the Assamese letters, alphabets, and fun fonts, and special characters.

Also, read the Best multilingual keyboard app for Android.

How to Change the Default Keyboard App

If you want to change your Android device default keyboard app with a new one, Yeah it's simple. Sometimes the default keyboard app has fewer features options. So we need to install other featured keyboard apps to fulfill our requirements. Hereinbelow follow the steps to simply change the default keyboard app on the Android device.

1. Go to your Android device "Settings

2. Then you will see an option as " Keyboard and Input methods

3. Under this option click on the "Current Keyboard"  option and choose the new keyboard app you want to set as the default keyboard of your device.

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