Guwahati University BA Economics Old Question Papers PDF Download

Download Guwahati University BA Economics previous year’s all semesters major and general question papers PDF. Here in this post, we share a collection of old previous years’ question papers of Bachelor of Science (B.A) Economics major and general papers exam conducted by Guwahati University, Assam.

Download old question papers free in PDF format of all semesters 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th semester of Economics (Major and General). All download links are given below.

Guwahati University BA Economics (Major) Question Papers:

Economics (Major)Paper- 1.12014
Economics (Major)Paper- 1.12015
Economics (Major)Paper- 1.22014
Economics (Major)Paper- 1.22015
Economics (Major)Paper- 2.12014
Economics (Major)Paper- 2.12015
Economics (Major)Paper- 2.22014
Economics (Major)Paper- 2.22015
Economics (Major)Paper- 3.12014
Economics (Major)Paper- 3.12015
Economics (Major)Paper- 3.22014
Economics (Major)Paper- 3.22015
Economics (Major)Paper- 4.12014
Economics (Major)Paper- 4.12015
Economics (Major)Paper- 4.22014
Economics (Major)Paper- 4.22015
Economics (Major)Paper- 5.12014
Economics (Major)Paper- 5.12015
Economics (Major)Paper- 5.22014
Economics (Major)Paper- 5.22015
Economics (Major)Paper- 5.32014
Economics (Major)Paper- 5.32015
Economics (Major)Paper- 5.42014
Economics (Major)Paper- 5.42015
Economics (Major)Paper- 5.52014
Economics (Major)Paper- 5.52015
Economics (Major)Paper- 5.62014
Economics (Major)Paper- 5.62015
Economics (Major)Paper- 6.12014
Economics (Major)Paper- 6.12015
Economics (Major)Paper- 6.22014
Economics (Major)Paper- 6.22015
Economics (Major)Paper- 6.32014
Economics (Major)Paper- 6.32015
Economics (Major)Paper- 6.42014
Economics (Major)Paper- 6.42015
Economics (Major)Paper- 6.52014
Economics (Major)Paper- 6.52015
Economics (Major)Paper- 6.62014
Economics (Major)Paper- 6.62015

Guwahati University BA Economics (General) Question Papers:

Economics (General)Semester 12014
Economics (General)Semester 12015
Economics (General)Semester 22014
Economics (General)Semester 22015
Economics (General)Semester 32014
Economics (General)Semester 32015
Economics (General )Semester 42014
Economics (General)Semester 42015
Economics (General)Semester 52014
Economics (General)Semester 52015
Economics (General)Semester 62014
Economics (General)Semester 62015

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