How to Setup A Custom Domain on Blogger [2022 Updated]

How to Setup A Custom Domain on Blogger

How to Setup A Custom Domain on Blogger: When you start your blog on Blogger, you got a free domain name like, But this looks sometimes not professional. If you want to start a professional blog then you might choose a custom domain name like for your blog. There are lots of domain registered sites available like Godaddy, Bluehost, Bigrock, etc.

Once you purchased a custom domain name for your blog, you only need to connect that custom domain (example to the Blogger Blogspot blog. It's easy.

So, Today, in this post I'm going to share step by step guide on how you can add a custom domain name to your existing Blogger Blogspot blog in 2021. 

In this tutorial, you will learn
  • How to set up a custom domain on Blogger from Bluehost.
  • How to set up a custom domain on Blogger from Godaddy.
  • 3. How to set up a custom domain on Blogger from Hostinger.
Here I'm assuming that you have already purchased a domain name from Bluehost / Godaddy/Hostinger and have an already blog on Blogger with a free subdomain.

Let's start...

How to set up a Custom Domain On Blogger from Bluehost

If you have purchased a domain name from and then want to connect it with your existing Blogger (Blospost) domain, then simply follow the steps given below.

Step 1: First thing you have to log in on Blogger. For this just search Blogger on Google and click the first link then sign in. Now your Blogger dashboard will be open, Click Settings > Custom Domain under the Publishing option  


Step 2: Now enter your custom domain name with www, For example,, and click the Save button. But this will be not saved, as displaying massage as verify your authority of this domain.


Step 3: Now log in to your Bluehost account, then you will be able to see your purchased domain on the Bluehost dashboard. Click on the Manage dropdown button > DNS 


Step 4: Then the DNS settings will be open, Scroll down, and click Edit Record on CNAME, there will be display two options Host Record and Points To. Fill these two options with the given Host Record and point to them on the Blogger dashboard.


Step  5: Again you have to add four A Records which are points to an IP address. For this click Edit Record on A (Host) and at Host Record enter @ symbol and at Points To enter the IP address and then save, repeat this task four times. To get the IP address click on the link settings instructions you can find it on the Blogger dashboard (see the second screenshot)


That's all done your custom domain name is now connected with the Blogger blog. Sometimes these processes will take a few hours but don't worry wait for a few hours and then comes to the Blogger dashboard and click click the save button. If it saves then your custom domain setup is completed.

How to set up a custom Domain on Blogger from Godaddy

To connect a custom domain name from Godaddy to Blogger (Blogspot) you have to follow these simple steps.

Follow step1 & step2 same as mentioned above.  

Now login to your Godaddy account and go to the My Products section, then you will see your purchased domain name there. You have to setup/manage a DNS system for your domain for that click on the DNS button 


Then a DNS management page will be open, here you have to add four A records and two C name records. It's easy.

To add A records just click on the Add button and select type "A". Now fill the "@" symbol at Host and Google IPs at Point to option. Repeat this four times and fill all four IPs' values.  


After adding "A" records again click Add button and select CNAME. Here you have to add two CNAME records shown at step2 in above. Fill both Host and Point to options and hit the Save button.


That's done successfully if you have done all the steps properly as the post your domain will be live within 48 hours automatically.

How to set up a custom Domain on Blogger from Hostinger

If you have purchased a domain name on Hostinger and want to connect it with Blogger (Blogspot) then follow these simple steps.

Step 1: First, follow the same 1 & 2 steps as mentioned above.

Step 2: log in to your Hostinger account and click the Manage button.


Step 3: Go to the DNS ZONE and add four A(Host) records and two CNAME


That's done.

I hope this will help you to connect your custom domain name with the free Blogger Blogspot blog. 

If you really find something helpful in this post then do share it with your friends on social platforms and if you have any doubt regarding this topic comment below I'll like to answer them. 

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