11 Best Assamese Fonts Download for PC/Mobile

Best Assamese Fonts Free Download
11 Best Assamese Fonts Download for PC/Mobile: Best Assamese fonts download for PC and mobile. Free download the best Unicode Assamese font for Mobile and Computer. You can download the best free Assamese font for a design.

Looking for the best font to write/type the Assamese language script on your computer for personal or commercial DTP uses? 

So, I tried to list some of the fonts which support the Assamese script.

Here we list down some best Assamese script support fonts which you can use for personal or commercial DTP purposes for free.

Assamese, also Asamiya (অসমীয়া), is an Eastern Indo-Aryan language spoken mainly in the Indian state of Assam, where it is an official language. It is the easternmost Indo-European language, spoken by over 14 million speakers, and serves as a lingua franca in the region. Read more.

There are also available paid fonts that are specially designed for the Assamese script. Most of the Books and Newspaper publishers used paid Assamese fonts. There are also some free fonts included in the Microsoft Office package that supports the Assamese script. 

Here below are those pre-installed free Assamese script supports fonts in the Microsoft Office package.

Let's see...

11 Best Free Assamese Fonts Download for PC/ Mobile

SL No. 11 Best Free Assamese Fonts Name
1. ASOT-GISTBidisha
2. Arial Unicode MS
3.  Lohit Assamese
4. MadhabUni
5. NavaUni
6. NilamaniUni
7. KirtanUni
8. Nirmala UI
9. Nirmala UI Semilight
10. Vrinda
11. Shonar Bangla

Best Free Assamese Fonts

Here are the best free Assamese fonts that you can download and use for free on PC or Mobile devices.

1. ASOT-GISTBidisha

This is a Unicode Assamese font by TDIL. It is a free font and pre-installed on any version of the MS Office package, If not installed download the Unicode at cost of free.

2. Arial Unicode MS

Arial Unicode MS is an extended version of the font Arial. The font is founded by Monotype corporation and commissioned by Microsoft Corporation.

3. Lohit Assamese

Lohit is a font family specially designed to cover Indic scripts by Red Hat. This font covers 11 Indian languages: Assamese, Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Oriya, Punjabi, Tamil, and Telugu.

4. Nirmala UI

Nirmala UI is an Indic scripts typeface created by Tiro Typeworks and commissioned by Microsoft Corporation. This font supports almost all Indic languages.

4. KirtanUni, MadhabUni, NavaUni, BishnuUni, NilamaniUni all these fonts include juktakhyars (যুক্তাক্ষৰ) designed as per acceptable Assamese norms by TI Trade. All of these fonts are free to download and use.

All of the listed fonts above are free to use and most of them are pre-installed on the MS Office package.

If you want to use more free Assamese script support fonts for your day-to-day typing task. There below I'm sharing some best websites URL from where you can download Assamese fonts for free.

Best Websites to Download Assamese Fonts

Here are some of the best sites from where you can download free Assamese fonts for your PC/Mobile devices.

SL No. Official Website/URL Download Links
1. www.tiassam.com
2. www.free-fonts.com
3. www.lipikaar.com
4. www.eaglefonts.com
5. www.fontsc.com

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