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Today in this post you got a complete keyboard shortcuts list commonly used in WinRAR. WinRAR is a trialware file archiver utility for Windows, developed by Eugene Roshal of win.rar GmbH. 

You can create and view archive files in RAR or ZIP file formats and also unpack the archive files with WinRAR.

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WinRAR Shortcut Keys List

Here are some of the most useful keyboard shortcuts for WinRAR software you must know.

Shortcut Keys Descriptions
Esc To close an opened dialog box.
F1 Open WinRAR about contents details.
F2 To rename a file name.
F3 Open the find files dialog box, so that you can search and find an archive file.
F4 To expand the directory file, press again to collapse.
Alt + A Open the Archive name and parameters dialog box, so that you can add an archive file.
Alt + B N/A
Alt + C N/A
Alt + D Open the scan archive dialog box.
Alt + D Open the "Extraction path and options" dialog box, for that first you must have to select an archive file.
Alt + F

Alt + Shift + F

To open the "File" menu.
Alt + G To open the "Generate report" dialog box, so that you can export a report file of formats HTML, Unicode text, text,
Alt + H

Alt + Shift + H

To open the "Help" menu.
Alt + I Select an archive file and press Alt + I to open the "Info" of the file.
Alt + J N/A
Alt + K N/A
Alt + L N/A
Alt + M To open the "Comment" dialog box for the selected archive file.
Alt + N

Alt + Shift + N

To open the "Options" menu.
Alt + O

Alt + Shift + O

To open the "Favorites" menu.
Alt + P N/A
Alt + Q To open the "Convert Archive" dialog box.
Alt + R To open the "Repair Archive" dialog box.
Alt + S To open the "Tools" menu.
Alt + T Test the selected archive file for error.
Alt + U N/A
Alt + V To expand the folder, press again to shrink.
Alt + W To start extracting the archive file.
Alt + X To open the SFX options of the selected archive file.
Alt +Y N/A
Alt + Z N/A
Alt + Shift + C To open the "Commands" menu.
Ctrl + A

Ctrl + Shift + A

Select all files.
Ctrl + B N/A
Ctrl + C N/A
Ctrl + D

Ctrl + Shift + D

Open a dialog box of all Devices and Drives of your computer.
Ctrl + E

Ctrl + Shift + E

To open the "Name encoding" dialog box.
Ctrl + F

Ctrl + Shift + F

Open the "Add Favorite" dialog box, so that you can add your important archive files as favorites.
Ctrl + G N/A
Ctrl + H N/A
Ctrl + I

Ctrl + Shift + I

To open WinRAR diagnostic message dialog box.
Ctrl + J N/A
Ctrl + K N/A
Ctrl + L

Ctrl + Shift + L

To opens the "View log" dialog box.
Ctrl + M N/A
Ctrl + N N/A
Ctrl + O

Ctrl + Shift + O

To open the "Find Archive" dialog box such that you can open an archive file using WinRAR.
Ctrl + P

Ctrl + Shift + P

Open the "Enter Password" dialog box, so that you can set a password for the selected file.
Ctrl + Q N/A
Ctrl + R N/A
Ctrl + S

Ctrl + Shift + S

To open the "Settings" dialog box.
Ctrl + T

Ctrl + Shift + T

To expand the folder file, press again to shrink the folder.
Ctrl + U N/A
Ctrl + V N/A
Ctrl + W

Ctrl + Shift + W

To close the program.
Ctrl + X N/A
Ctrl + Y N/A
Ctrl + Z N/A

That's all about the complete list of all commonly used keyboard shortcuts in WinRAR.

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