100+ VLC media player Shortcut Keys List PDF Download

100+ VLC media player Shortcut Keys List PDF Download: Are you looking for VLC Media Player Shortcuts?

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The VLC media player is the most popular free and open-source portable cross-platform media player software and streaming media server developed by the VideoLAN project.

Below is a complete list of all commonly used keyboard shortcuts in one of the most popular media players VLC media players. This list of keyboard shortcuts will make you a keyboard pro in VLC.

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VLC Media Player Shortcut Keys List

Here are some of the most important keyboard shortcuts for VLC Media Player you must know them.

Shortcut Keys Descriptions
Esc To close an opened dialog box
Ctrl + B To open the Edit Bookmark dialog box.
Ctrl + C Open the Capture Device dialog box.
Ctrl + D Open the Disc dialog box.
Ctrl + E To open the Media effects dialog box.
Ctrl + F To open the folder dialog box.
Ctrl + H To hide the top menu and bottom media control bar, press again to back into normal mode.
Ctrl + I Opens the General media information dialog box.
Ctrl + J It Opens the Codec media information dialog box.
Ctrl + L To hide the left sidebar, press again to back the sidebar.
Ctrl + M To open the VLC message dialog box.
Ctrl + N It Opens the Network protocol dialog box.
Ctrl + O To open media files.
Ctrl + P This combination of keys is used to open the media Interface Settings dialog box.
Ctrl + Q To close the VLC program.
Ctrl + R To open the Media file dialog box.
Ctrl + T To open the Go to a time window, set a time and press ok to jump that time of the currently playing media.
Ctrl + V Opens the URL dialog box.
Ctrl + Y Open the Save playlist dialog box.
Ctrl + Shift + H This combination of keyboard keys is used to hide the top menu bar and the bottom media control bar, press again the same Ctrl + Shift + H to return back to the normal mode.
Ctrl + Shift + O To open the Media file dialog box, so that you can open a file.
Ctrl + Shift + W To open the VLM configuration dialog box.
Alt + A Opens the Audio menu.
Alt + H Open the Help menu.
Alt + I Opens the View menu.
Alt + L Opens the Playback menu.
Alt + M Opens the Media menu.
Alt + S Opens the Tools menu.
Alt + T It Opens the Subtitle menu.
Alt + V Opens the Video menu.
F1 To open the help option for the VLC media player.
F11 To make the media window full screen, press again the same combination of keys to exit the full-screen mode.

That's the complete list of all keyboard shortcut keys for the VLC media player, you must have known. Visit our keyboard shortcuts able to get more keyboard shortcut keys list of other software.

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