How to Transfer FeedBurner RSS feed from one account to another account

Do you want to transfer your FeedBurner RSS feed from one to another account?

If you want to change or transfer your FeedBurner RSS feed account to another Gmail account then here today, I will show how you can easily transfer your FeedBurner feed account into another account.

How to transfer your feed account to another account

1. Login, first you have to log in to your FeedBurner Feed account. Go to or

2. Now click your Feed account, then Transfer Feed and enter the email address where you want to transfer your FeedBurner Feed account, and press the Send Transfer Acceptance Request button.

3. FeedBurner will send a confirmation email to that email address you entered with a link within 72 hours. Open your email and click the link then a new page will be open and click the Accept Feed Transfer button.

That's done.

Now your Feedburner RSS Feed account is successfully transferred to that account.

I hope this article should help you to transfer your FeedBurner RSS feed.

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