How to insert image in Blogger Post

How to insert image in Blogger Post

Well, the image has the most important roll in your post. If read a textbook without an image then it's a quite boring thing so, right. Similarly, in the case of your blog post with no images, it's sometimes not attractive for readers. Just one image can talk about the meaning of a lot of words.

Today in this post you learn about how to insert an image in Blogger post. It's quite simple first, you have to upload the image to the Blogger server.

1. Click the New Post button and write your post.
2. Click the Image icon
3. Now click the Choose Files button and then select the image you want to insert in your blog post. After that click, the Open button then again selects that image and click the add selected button.
[see screenshots below]
That's all about to insert an image in Blogger post, following the above-mentioned steps you can easily insert an image to a blog post.

You can upload multiple images of such an image format PNG, JPG or GIF at once click.

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