How to Change Windows 10 theme/wallpaper

Do you want to change your Windows 10 wallpaper?

Today in this tutorial we discuss the task of how to change the Home screen and Look screen theme in Windows 10

It's simple to change or add a custom wallpaper for the home screen and look screen wallpaper. 

Here in this tutorial, I'm going to share a complete step-by-step guide to change wallpaper in Windows 10 device with a screenshot of every step.

How to change Windows 10 Wallpaper

1. Open the Windows Settings option

2. Click the Personalization settings

3. Click the Background then Browse button and select the theme or image you want to set as your Windows home screen background.
How to Change Windows 10 theme
4. To change the Lock Screen theme, click the Lock screen option then Browse and select the image or theme you want to set as your Windows 10 lock screen theme.
How to Change Windows 10 theme

Well, that's all about today's post on how to change the windows 10 theme or wallpaper. 

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