How can i add multiple Email account in Gmail app

How can i add multiple Email account in Gmail app

If you have multiple Gmail account and you want to see the incoming email in different Gmail id in one place, I mean in one app. 

It's easy for you can add multiple Gmail IDs in one Gmail app and you can see all of their inboxes with just one click.

Well, today in this tutorial article I show you how to add multiple Gmail account in Google's Gmail app. Google's Gmail app feathers you to add email ids that you created with Google, Yahoo, Outlook, Hotmail, Exchange, and Office 365, and also the other professional email ids.

How to Add a Google Email account to the Gmail app

1. First of all, you have to open the Gmail app on your mobile.

2. Click the three-line shown in the top-left corner, then click the drop-down button and then add the account option.

3. Choose the first Google option, then checking the info processes that will be run.

4. After that, a sign-in page will be open, and type your email id [your id be like [email protected] ], then press the next button. Now enter your password of that email id and click the next button.

5. Now read Google Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, then press the I agree with the button.

That's all done, now your Google's email id is successfully added to your Gmail app. Now to see the inbox and other activities on this email id click again the three-line at the top-left corner, then drop-down and then choose the email id. 

How to Add a Yahoo Email account to the Gmail app

1. Follow the first two steps mentioned above.

2. Now choose the Yahoo option, then a sign-in page will be open. Now enter your Yahoo email address or username or mobile number [your Yahoo email address be like [email protected] ]

3. Enter your Yahoo email id password and press the next button. Now it will redirect you to the Yahoo login page in a browser. 

4. Enter the same email address and click the next button, then the password.

5. Now click the agree button, by agreeing you allow the Gmail app to access your Yahoo profiles, Yahoo mail full access.

Now, your Yahoo mail is successfully added with the Gmail app, you can send or see inbox through the Gmail app. 

Following these steps, you can also add other email ids with the Gmail app and managed them in one place at one click.