How to turn On/Off a Computer? Proper guide to On/Off your Computer.

How to turn On/Off a Computer
Today in this tutorial post we learn about the task of how to turn on and off a computer properly. Lots of users don't know the proper way of turning on and off a computer, results in their system will damage shortly.

How to turn On a Computer

It's most important to turn a computer properly otherwise, you may damage the computer's components or cause problems for the operating system, programs, or data files. Here the right way to turn a computer's power on.

1. Before turning on your computer make sure that all the necessary cables (such as the mouse, keyboard, printer, modem, ups, etc.) are connected to the system unit. Also, note that the system's power codes are connected to an appropriate power source.

2. Make sure that there are no diskettes in the computer's diskette drive otherwise, you must boot the system from a diskette.

3. Find the On/Off switch on each attached device (monitor, ups, printer, etc.) and place it in the ON position.

4. Find the On/Off switch on the computer's unit system (CPU) in which all other components are plugged and placed in the ON positions.

Most of the computers take one or two minutes to start. Your computer may display messages (such as providing a network user ID and password) during the start-up process. After the computer has started, the Windows desktop will appear on your screen.

How to Turn Off a Computer

Windows makes many temporary files on your computer's hard disk when running. By shutting down properly, you give windows the chance to erase those temporary files and do other "housekeeping" tasks. If you simply turn off your computer while windows, you may cause harm to your system.

1. Remove any disks from the diskette and CD-ROM drives and make sure that all data is saved and all running programs are closed.

2. Using your mouse pointer, click the start button, which is located at the left corner of the taskbar. Now click the power button then click shut down

Windows will begin the shut-down process. Windows may display a message telling you that it is shutting down.