How to install Software in Windows 10


Today in this post we learn about the task of how to install a program or software or game on window 10 computers. 

Installing software in windows 10 is an easy task, we can easily download any kind of software or game directly from the Microsoft Store.

Microsoft Store is the safest, also easiest way to download and install any software or game on windows 10 computers.

If you are download software or game from outside of the Microsoft Store and trying to install it on your Windows 10 device and facing some problems.

How to install Software in Windows 10

1. Open the windows settings and click the Apps settings option.

2. Now click the Apps & features and change the app settings as shown below in the screenshot.

3. Now right-click the software or game you want to install and run it as administrator and then correctly follow the respected software installing processes.

That's done.

The software is now successfully installed on your Windows 10 PC/Laptop.

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