How to Resize an Image in Microsoft Paint Tool

If you need to edit some basic images. For example, you want to crop a screenshot image to show some portion of the image. 

In that kind of editing Microsoft Paint is the best. Microsoft Paint is a simple graphics editor included with all versions of Microsoft Windows.

So, Today in this post I'm going to share with you how to resize an image in the Microsoft Paint tool and also how to rotate an image using the Paint tool.

Let's start...

How to Resize an Image in Paint 

1. Open Microsoft Paint and go to the File option(The File option will be seen in the top left corner)

2. Now click on Open and choose the image or photo

3. Click on Resize, then a Resize and Skew dialog box will be open. Select an option Percentage or Pixels to resize the image. For better result make sure that the option Maintain aspect ratio will be selected
4. After giving the value of the Horizontal and Vertical (Percentage or Pixels) press the OK button. Then the image will be resized in that Percentage or Pixels.

5.  To save this resized image press Ctrl + S 

That's done.

You have now successfully resized the image file using the Microsoft Paint tool.

Using Microsoft Paint, you can edit any image of the formats JPEG, GIF, PNG, single-page TIFF, and Windows bitmap image format.

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How to Rotate an Image in Paint

If you trying to rotate an image in Microsoft Paint, well it's an easy task. Just simply follow the steps mentioned below to rotate an image in MS Paint.  
1. First of all open that image with the Microsoft Paint tool. To open/insert an image to Paint go to the File option and insert the image
2. Click on the Rotate option and select an angle to rotate or select flip verticle or flip horizontal option 

3. And that's done the image will be rotated. Here how the image looks after rotating

That's all about how easily an image can be rotated in Microsoft Paint. 

You see the difference between the above two images before rotate and after rotating. 

Using the rotate future you can easily change the meaning of the expression of an image.

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