How to open Settings in Windows 10

Are you unable to find the Settings button on your Windows 10 device?

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Opening Windows Settings in Windows 10 isn't a difficult task. There are many ways to open the Windows settings option.

How to open Settings in Windows 10

You can open Settings in Windows 10 using the search option, Windows start button, and Notifications.

Let's see...

How to open Settings in Windows 10

Follow all the steps given below to open the Settings option on Windows 10 device.

Step 1. Go to the Windows Start button and you see the Settings icon at the left sidebar just above the Power button

Step 2. Click on the Notifications icon at the right corner of the Toolbar and click the All Settings option.

Step 3. Using the Windows search option you can also open the Windows setting. Just click on the 🔎 icon and type "Settings" then select the first option Settings app.

Step 4. Press the Win key on the keyboard, then click the All apps and scroll down to alphabet S. Then you see the Settings app.

That's how you can easily open Windows 10 Settings.

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