How to insert Math equations in LibreOffice

Trying to insert a Math equation in LibreOffice?

LibreOffice is one of the best free open-source office productivity software suite. And also the best free alternative to Microsoft Office. 

It's easy task to insert Mathematical or Chemical equations in LibreOffice writer if you have use Microsoft Office Word, its little bit different as we insert an equation in Microsoft Office Word.

So, Today in this tutorial I'm going to share a complete step by step guide on how you can insert a Mathematical equation in LibreOffice writer.

How to insert Math Equations in LibreOffice

Follow the simple steps below to insert/add Mathematical or Chemical equations in the LibreOffice writer document.

Step1: Open LibreOffice and go to the Insert > Object > Formula
how to insert math equation in libreoffice
Step2: Now select a Mathematical operation and then select a Function. Put your values in place of  <?>. To insert the Mathematical symbol click the Ω option and select the symbol then click the Insert button.
how to insert math equation in libreoffice
Step3:  After all set click on the outside of the equation box on the document page then the Mathematical equation will successfully insert into your LibreOffice document.

That's done.

I hope this short tutorial will help you to insert Mathematical/Chemical equations in your LibreOffice document writer.