100+ Google Chrome Shortcut Keys List PDF Download


Here is a complete list of all keyboard Shortcut keys mostly used in the most popular internet web browser Google Chrome. If you're also a Google Chrome user then you must try these keyboard shortcuts.

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Google Chrome Shortcut Keys List

Google Chrome browser's all-important keyboard shortcuts are listed below.

Esc: Stop loading the page.

F1: Open Google Chrome help

F6: Highlight the currently open page link address

F11: Open the current page in full-screen mode. Press F11 to exit this mode.

Ctrl + [1-8]: Press Ctrl and a number between 1-8 to move the corresponding tab.

Ctrl + 9: Go to the last tab.

Ctrl + [- or +]: Zoom in and out of the page.

Ctrl + 0: Reset the Browser zoom default.

Ctrl + D: Bookmark the currently opened page.

Ctrl+Shift+D: Bookmark all opened pages.

Ctrl+E or Ctrl+K: Movies the text cursor to the search bar so that you can start typing your query on Google.

Ctrl+F or F3: Open the Find bar to search text on the page.

Ctrl + H: Open Browser history in a new tab.

Ctrl + J: Open the Downloads window in a new tab.

Ctrl + N: Open a new browser tab.

Ctrl + P: Print the current page

Ctrl + R or F5: Reload the page.

Ctrl + S: Open the Save as a window to save the currently opened page.

Ctrl + T: Open a new tab.

Ctrl + U: View the current page source.

Ctrl+W or Ctrl+Shift+W: Close the current Browsing tab.

Ctrl+Shift+N: Open a new tab in incognito mode.

Ctrl+Shift+M: Open Google account manager.

Ctrl+Shift+O: Open Bookmarks in a new window.

Ctrl+Shift+T: Restore the closed tab.

Ctrl+Tab: Moves through each of the open tabs going to the right.

Ctrl+Shift+Tab: Moves through each of the open tabs going to the left.

Space Key:  Moves down of a page.

Home: Go to the top of the page.

End: Go to the bottom of the page.

Page Up: Moves up a page at a time.

Page Down: Moves down a page at a time.

Ctrl+Shift+Del: Open the Clear Browsing data window.

That's are the most used keyboard shortcuts in Google Chrome Browser.

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