How to type Assamese in MS Word and Power Point

How to type Assamese in MS Word and Power Point

It's easy to type or write the Assamese language in any version of MS Word and PowerPoint. If you don't know how to write or type the Assamese language in MS Word and PowerPoint and you want to learn it, then you are in the right place.

To enable the typing of the Assamese language on your computer first you have to install the Assamese language keyboard. You can easily install this don't need to download it externally.

Here below I'm going to share with you a comprehensive tutorial on how to enable Assamese script letters typing in MS Word/Powerpoint step by step using screenshot instruction just follow it.

How to Enable Assamese Typing in MS Word/PowerPoint

Step1: Firstly you have to install the Assamese language on your PC or Laptop. To install the Assamese languages follow the steps below.

Step2: Go to Windows Setting > Time & Language 
How to type Assamese in MS Word and Power Point

Step3: Then click on Language and then click on Add a preferred language 
How to type Assamese in MS Word and Power Point

Step4: Now type Assamese on the search bar and select Assamese (অসমীয়া) and then click on Next and then click on Install. Your installation will start instantly.

How to type Assamese in MS Word and Power Point

That's done.

After installation complete, you can able to type the Assamese language letters everywhere on your computer.

Now open MS Word or PowerPoint or other office suits where you want to type the Assamese language. The application will open with your default Windows language keyboard in English. You have to change this into the Assamese keyboard.

To change press the Windows Key + Space key on your keyboard. Use the Space key to change the languages. 

How To Type Assamese Fast

To type Assamese faster and correctly you have to remember all English keyboard keys corresponding to Assamese letters. For this use, the Windows default On-Screen Keyboard is the better option. To open the On-Screen Keyboard you can search for it on the Windows search 🔎 option.
How to type Assamese in MS Word and Power Point

Or alternately, go to Start Menu and then All Programs or All apps then find the folder Windows Ease of Access under this folder you get On-Screen Keyboard.

On-Screen Keyboard opens with Windows default languages. To change it into the Assamese press Windows Key + Space Key then select the Assamese keyboard. (Use Space Key as down arrow key).

Use the D (্) key on your keyboard to create yuktakshar (যুক্তাক্ষৰ) like K + D + K = ক্ক

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That's all about today's tutorial. I hope you learn something new from this post. If you really like this post then please do share this on social platforms - Facebook, Twitter with friends and also feel free to ask any query related to this topic below in the comment section.

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