How To Add Background Color, Image,Watermark in MS Word 2007

How To Add Background Color in Word 2007

Sometimes we need to change our Document's background color according to the project's need. Microsoft Office offers us the future to change the color of the Document's background and to insert a picture background. Using this future of MS Office you can make a dynamic page.

So, Today in this post I'm going to share a step by step guide on how you can change the default Microsoft Office Word page background color, add image background and watermark in MS Word 2007.

How to change Background-color in MS Word 2007

To add or change color on your Word Document's background click on the "Page Layout " option ("DESIGN" in MS Office higher version), then click on "Page Color" and then select a color from the color gallery, then the page color will transform into that color.

How to add Picture Background in MS Word 2007

To add a picture on your Word Document's background just follow the following steps on your pc
Go to "Page Layout" option and then click on "Page Color" option, then click on the "Fill Effects" option

Then the Fill Effects dialog box will open. Now click on the "Picture" option and then select the picture that you want to insert as a background image and then click on "Ok".

How to add Watermark in MS Word 2007

Adding a Watermark on a Document's is not just a difficult thing. MS Word has the future to add a custom watermark on your Word Document that you created. You can use a picture watermark or a text watermark as you want. To add a watermark on your Document follow the following simple steps given bellow

Go to "Page Layout" and then click on the "Watermark" option, then click on the "Custom Watermark" option

Now select "Picture Watermark" option if you want to insert a picture watermark and then select the picture and click on "Ok"

Select the "Text Watermark" option for text watermark and then type your text in the "Text" section and then click on the "OK" button.

That's done.

Now your custom watermark is successfully added to the Microsoft Word 2007 document page.